SiriN1ght Developement Has Been Stopped Due To A Cease And Desist Letter From Apple

Right before @ReagentX and @ChristopoulosZ were about to release their next version of SiriN1ght (which should have finally been able to connect to Apple’s servers), they got a cease and desist letter from Apple. This means they will most likely stop the developement of SiriN1ght.

ChristopoulosZ SiriN1ght

“Goodbye SiriN1ght… It was nice knowing you…”

“Sorry for the sad news, but Apple has send @ReagentX and I both a cease and desist letter to stop SiriN1ght.”

If you don’t know what a cease and desist letter is, here is a short explanation:

cease and desist is an order or request to halt an activity (cease) and not to take it up again later (desist) or else face legal action. The recipient of the cease-and-desist may be an individual or an organization. - Wikipedia

There are still a lot of people with SiriN1ght beta 3 installed on their devices. We currently don’t know if they will release SiriN1ght beta 4 without the server connectivity so at least people could uninstall it.

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42 thoughts on “SiriN1ght Developement Has Been Stopped Due To A Cease And Desist Letter From Apple

    • Agree to that why can’t apple just be a little bit generous for their old customer? I mean they’ve already got enough money from iPhone 4s. Or at least let us develop our hack!!! Hack or port it yourself. I feel being betrayed especially because I bought my iPhone 4 3 days before iPhone 4s was announced. And if apple’s gonna keep doing this for their old customer I’m not going to buy apple product any more.

      • It’s not fair against people who already bought a 4S because of Siri.

        They will feel betrayed of Apple releases it on older devices and lot of lawsuits against Apple will be created because of that.

        They will not release it on older devices, not now, never.

      • kinda like how gingerbread owners feel.

        If it was 3 days, then it’s all your fault anyway. There’s a 30 day return policy on all of them.

        I agree, siri should be down ported, but first, it’s in beta, and second, that doesn’t suddenly make me delirious, or stupid.

    • They should at least release it for iPad 2 if not iphone 4. If is like they once said Siri “depends” on the new a5 processor (witch we later find out is not true), iPad 2 have the a5 processor also, so why not iPad 2 too?

        • Let him be..!!! maybe he just misread my comment… or got something on his eye… Whatever the case, Apple is just realising Siri for 4[S] as a Beta ’cause they’re still making it reach “perfection”. After that, they are only porting it to (as far as I know) iPhone 4 and iPad 2

          Btw: @Noob you should apologize to @W1LL

  1. come on now!! now that we’ve gone so far with this apple is going to stop us from being succesfull? that sounds just too funny to be true!!!
    one more thing, did you know that you can actually sue apple for not allowing siri to support iphone 4 when everybody knows is possible!!!!
    come on ppl!!!! please Awake..

    • True, all this bunch of loosers (including me) blaming on them for being this and that… but they’re really the ones going to bed late at night just to make us a nice program to do in few seconds what they suffered through weeks or months…. And apple worked really hard to make “Siri” for us, or at least some of us and if you want siri make it YOURSELF! :/

  2. If iPhone 4s users have Siri
    The older devices namely iPhone 4 & 3Gs have jailbreak soon will be untethered
    Who knows Apple might port Siri on older device simultaneously with the release of iPhone 5 ?
    Apple won’t put itself in an embarrasing situation with iPhone 4s users
    Be patient at least we have the dictation version

  3. Do NOT worry guys - StroughtonSmith and Chpwn promised they’d release their port when a 4S Jailbreak is released, that won’t way Apple couldn’t sue them either, and we are getting close, reknowned hacker pod2g has just announced on his blog he has untethered iPoD 1,2,3,4G and iPhone 3GS,4 as well as iPad 1. A5 processor in iPad 2 and 4S means more work needs to be done still, but we are getting there! Maybe a christmas present ;)

  4. It is easy… JB the damn device build our own product then use google for the voice to text and then we have a siri version of our own for the iphone. Or second use the voice commands add-on and beef it up alot to use the hidden urls that the idevices have and again apple outa luck with the possibility of making alot of money off the end users. I bet you and I say this again that if apple would sell siri on the app store for say 25 dollars alot of people would buy it.

  5. Dear apple,
    F**k you guys! I hope samsung gives a good ass beating, If you guys want to be the best then show us some honesty and loyalty to older customers!
    Sorry to reagentX and zach for all the hard work lost.
    Apple should face bankruptcy again to see what it feels like to be a b**ch.
    Life’s a b**ch ain’t it, apple? Especially when you humiliate yourselves.

    • Thats how we feel… But try to imagine when Saurik made Cydia or the first jailbreak or the first Siri port video… they’re really pissed off! maybe more to us than we to them…

      • It’s apple, they first told us a bullshit a5 processor requirement crap when we asked for Siri on iPhone 4.
        Then we proved them wrong and let everyone know that they lied just so they could make money on the 4S.

  6. Good news guys, and sirin1ght devs, listen up. The cease and desist form has no standing anymore, sirin1ght is legal. The legal issue everyone has been worrying about is a question of piracy, but thanks apple :) iOS 5.0.1 build for iPhone 4s opens up the file system wide open….meaaaannnninnnnng? Sirin1ght is no longer piracy, it’s legal ;)

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