MySiri Is Now MyAssistant, Available In Cydia

We recently wrote about a Siri tweak called MySiri. The tweak is now available, but the developers decided to change its name to MyAssistant. MyAssistant is available in Cydia for 0.99$.

MyAssistant adds a lot of cool featues to Siri. Check out the video to see some of them. Continue reading

Upcoming Siri Tweak “MySiri” Lets You Customize Siri

There have been a lot of great tweaks that let you customize Siri since the iPhone 4S jailbreak. The best example is currently AssistanExtensions. An upcoming tweak called MySiri also looks very promising.

MySiri lets you do even more than all the other tweaks out there. You can toggle system preferences, create your own conversations and even change Siri’s background. Perhaps the most interesting thing is Activator integration: MySiri includes the ability to execute Activator actions using your own voice commands.

Watch the video below for more details: Continue reading

Eichhoernchen’s Open-Source Siri Server Might Soon Replace SiriProxy Servers

Eichhoernchen is working on an open-source Siri server. Not a SiriProxy server, but a full Siri server that replaces Apple’s own Siri server. The server is currently in a very early version and is not yet ready to be used. But if the server gets updated, it might someday make SiriProxies obsolete. Continue reading

n00neimp0rtant’s Sirious Got Updated, Now Supports iPhone 4S

A while back we reported about a tweak called Sirious. (Not Siri0us, the dictation tweak).

Sirious allowed you to paste iPhone 4S keys onto your iPhone 4 and authenticated Siri on that device until the keys expired. Continue reading

Siri Glowing Apple (Jailbreak tweak)

When Apple introduced Siri, she only had one logo: “The mic”. Recently, after the A5 jailbreak was released a plethora of tweaks have come to customize Siri as well as to enhance its functionality. But there was one thing missing, a way to change the Siri mic! Well, now a new tweak called Siri Glowing Apple allows you to do just that. It allows you to change Siri’s mic logo to a glowing Apple logo.


Though this package looks simple and easy, it is not. The developer has told us in the description of the tweak that it does not use the .Artwork files, it uses the winterboard’s standard UIImages and Bundles. The benefit of this is that we can use this tweak as a template to build our own custom Siri animations (now isn’t that awesome?). The tweak comes with a document located in the root of each theme color detailing everything. The developer did have some issues while developing the tweak but he overcame them and released it to us.

You can also check out the video below:

If you found Siri Glowing Apple interesting you can download it for $0.99 from Cydia in the ZodTTD & MacCiti repo.

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The Three Little Pigs: Free SiriProxy Server That Needs To Be Fed With Keys

The Three Little Pigs SiriProxy Server@jimmykane9 and @wouterds released a free SiriProxy Server called “The Three Little Pigs”. Anyone can use their server for free.
All keys used by the server have to be provided by iPhone 4S users. This means the more people donate their keys, the more people can connect to the server. Continue reading