Siri on other iOS devices


Developer Steven Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) managed to port Siri to the iPhone 4! It is not ready to be released to the public yet. For more info, click here.

Right now, Siri is available only on the iPhone 4S. But the jailbreak community is working hard on porting it to other iOS devices as well.

Siri on iPod Touch 4G

The picture shows an iPod touch 4G trying to utilize Siri using the iOS 5 GM. At this time, the only components that work is the dock, and the little “bing” sound when activated. The error shown is where they are currently stuck.

We successfully enabled Siri, but it seems out it is compiled to only work on the 4[s], and thus, cannot be used(yet).
- iH8sn0w

It’s definitely not just a plist value that you have to change in order to get Siri. Thus far, it has required a lot of searching and digging. After sending all the known information to John, I’m beginning to find that it is much harder than expected. We’re using an iPod touch 4G now but our aim is to port it to all devices that Apple won’t support. At this point, we’re unsure of whether Siri requires certain hardware components or not. At this point, we can’t say but are still trying. After buying the iPhone 4S myself, I will be looking to see if there are any new files that are not available on the current iOS 5 version. This might be our stopping point.


5 thoughts on “Siri on other iOS devices

  1. Ih8snow is the man and j feel better knowing he’s working on…although this is pretty amazing…..Siri will be hacked and working before the f**king untether is releases…semi sucks i I stopped using and stuck and old laptop under my car seat…forget siri for now and release the untethered….tell all the jailbreaker to download a few Siri themes, hands free control, voice activator and voice keys. U won’t get a response on dead b okay but would work in the same fashion. I do have Siri on my iPhone but keep disable and use the above since it actulally does something…I rather see and snowbreeze untether for ios 5 than than Siri…I dont unlock but there is just something Bout a custom ips over a redsnow or greenpoisen… And I use all three on my four different devices …keep up the good shit man

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