How To Unblacklist Your iPhone 4S Keys

Recently, there have been a lot of people asking for iPhone 4S keys to use them for their own servers. Many people didn’t want to give out their iPhone 4S keys because they feared that their keys might get blacklisted.

But according to the Technetec Dev Team, a ban of your keys will NOT be permanent. It looks like the X-Ace Host is the key that gets blacklisted, not the UUID or UDID. And a new X-Ace Host is generated every two weeks. There is also a way to reset the X-Ace Host manually.

  1. Disable Siri in Settings>General>Siri.
  2. Turn Siri OFF
  3. Wait around 30 minutes
  4. After Siri has been disabled for 30-45 minutes, reboot your iPhone
  5. After the reboot, re-enable Siri in Settings>General>Siri
  6. Reboot yet again
  7. Test Siri a couple times, if it works, your good to go.
  8. If Siri still isn’t working, try rebooting your iPhone again.

If it still doesn’t work you could repeat the whole process or just wait about two weeks until a new key is generated.

We can’t confirm if this is true. We would still not recommend giving out your iPhone 4S Siri Keys to other people because you never know if the UUID or UDID are logged as well.

Source: Technetec Dev Team

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