AnyVoice: A New Tweak That Will Allow People With Different Accents to Easily Interact With Siri

Are you one of those people who own an iPhone 4S but are not actually able to use Siri to her full potential because you have a heavy accent? Well if you are jailbroken you can now forget going through the pain of asking Siri the same question a hundred times before getting her to understand it. With AnyVoice (an upcoming tweak) you can now select what accent you want to speak in with Siri, the tweak has a plethora of options so do not worry one of them will fit your persona.

The developer @rud0lf77 has worked hard for this tweak and I’am sure AnyVoice will be used all over by different people as this will help solve them their ‘Sirious’ issues. Continue reading

Siri’s new attempt at singing!

Siri, our favorite assistant has evolved a lot since its introduction by Apple back in October 2011. As you may know, after a week or two people started trying different antiques with Siri. Some were successful, others weren’t. One such thing was a song sung by Siri and her owner. That video showed us the power of Siri and how she could be used for entertainment.

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