Ideas for Siri Hacks - Siri 2.0

Right now, you can do some amazing things with Siri. But wouldn’t it be great if it could do even more? On this page we try to collect all the features people would like to see in Siri 2.0:

  • Change Siri’s voice
  • Add custom voices to Siri
  • Add custom searches
  • Launch Apps with Siri
  • Control your computer / Apple TV remotely through Siri

Do you think it would be awesome if Siri could do something it doesn’t now? Tell us your idea for Siri Hacks in the comments or contact us.

19 thoughts on “Ideas for Siri Hacks - Siri 2.0

  1. It would be great to add your own commands to Siri, but from settings, not from jailbreaking or tweaking your new iPhone. So, Apple should think about that. Also, I would like Apple to try to “teach” Siri more accents, more languages, more commands. These can now be something quite hard without Steve, but I hope Apple will keep up its reputation.

    • Also ability to add changable voices and be able to take every command spoken to it and to be available natively to the iPhone 4

  2. To be honest i think someone should be ready with siri files and get ready for pod 2g to jailbreak iPhone 4s so someone can generate siri keys so they can port it to other devices before there hacks :/ sorry if this is completley off topic im just soo angry with apple ! why cant they just let this one go ?

  3. ** run multi commands !!
    ** use costum command for each contact ( record voice )
    ** make the assistantconnect4s run automate and send the emails to a pra list emails

  4. Need to be able to share Siri 2.0 with iPhone 4, users. We have paid for the iPhone and would like to have it too.

  5. Itd be cool for siri ported to radio like pandora or something and you say siri turn on radio and shell play radio , you can change songs n stuff in Siri box

  6. Siri APP

    - Add WebSeit
    - Add text for SMS
    - Add Google Maps Router
    - Find Something (Personal Infomrationen like eg restourants)
    - Siri Start VPN
    - Siri calls and at the
    - Siri tell you wankers me I have new messages in Facebook
    - Add Image / Send Image to ….
    - Siri Delete phone Historiy
    - Restart Iphone
    - Go to Safari and open to me …… website

    On something I’d Enjoy

  7. Be able to command siri to do things without using wi fi ( ex. Call ________, make note, set timer, play song) because if you don’t need wi- fi to use them in app, why would I waste my data plan. But use wifi for things like update status or search the web, things that actually use wifi

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