AnyVoice: A New Tweak That Will Allow People With Different Accents to Easily Interact With Siri

Are you one of those people who own an iPhone 4S but are not actually able to use Siri to her full potential because you have a heavy accent? Well if you are jailbroken you can now forget going through the pain of asking Siri the same question a hundred times before getting her to understand it. With AnyVoice (an upcoming tweak) you can now select what accent you want to speak in with Siri, the tweak has a plethora of options so do not worry one of them will fit your persona.

The developer @rud0lf77 has worked hard for this tweak and I’am sure AnyVoice will be used all over by different people as this will help solve them their ‘Sirious’ issues. Continue reading

Control Your Dreambox With Siri [SiriProxy Plugin] (Video)

@ninja98 just released a new version of his SiriProxy Plugin that allows you to control your Dreambox. The following commands are supported in this version:

  • start tv
  • set tv to standby
  • search for a program and find out when it will air
  • set a timer to record the program
  • get information about what’s airing without viewing
  • get information about the next broadcast on a channel
  • next channel in list
  • previous channel in list
  • find out how long a program is still on
  • find out when a program will start
  • search for a program name and automatically switch to correct channel if airing

Download the source code here.


Marking Episodes As Seen On With Siri [SiriProxy Plugin] (Video)

Matsumitsu released a new version of his SiriProxy Plugin. In the previous release, you could only use the plugin to see what’s on TV tonight. Now you can also mark episodes as watched by saying “I just saw season 4 episode 5 of Dexter“. SiriProxy will then connect to via its API and mark the episode as seen.

Watch the video after the break: Continue reading

Notorious Siri Makes Siri A Rapper (Video)

There have been a lot of cool SiriProxy Hacks recently that allowed you to control your media center or even start your car with Siri. That’s why Hacker robb decided to create a Siri Hack for the Music Hack Day 2011 which took place in London. The Music Hack Day is an event where developers get together and create something music related. Robb’s Hack gets Siri to rap to Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotize song. Check out the video after the break. Continue reading

Downloading Torrents With Siri [SiriProxy Plugin]

 made a SiriProxy Plugin that allows him to download torrents on his computer with Siri.

You can tell Siri “Download [Movie]” and Siri will tell you how many results were found. It then reads the first result to you and you can confirm or go to the next result. If you confirm, the download gets added to the queue on your PC.

Unfortunately, the plugin isn’t available yet.

Plex SiriProxy Plugin Now Supports onDeck [SiriProxy Plugin] (Video)

Developer @rckcrlr modified @hjaltij‘s SiriProxy Plex Plugin and added support for Plex’s new feature “onDeck”. OnDeck is a great way to keep track of all the TV Shows you are watching. By asking Siri “What’s onDeck?”, Siri will get a list of all the episodes that are on your deck and read it to you. You can then choose which episode you want to play. Continue reading