Siri on iPhone 3GS

Siri is not availble on the iPhone 3GS. However, the jailbreak community is working hard on porting Siri to other iOS devices.

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7 thoughts on “Siri on iPhone 3GS

  1. Siri is available for 3G[S]
    It’s called Sirin1ght
    I also got the Cydia Source for it.
    It doesn’t connect to Server
    But, with a 4[S] UDID on 3G[S]
    It should work.

    BTW. Sirisn0w is the same.

    greetz iCecr3am

  2. i installed siri that is spire from cydia which used to hand my iPhone and one day the springboard crashed and i had to reinstall iOS . So be careful . Don’t install Siri on ur iPhone 3GS unless it’s officially confirmed .

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