How To Make Custom Audio Responses (Video)

After the release of the A5 jailbreak there have been many Siri tweaks that enhance her in some ways but AssistantExtensions turned out to be by far the most impressive Siri tweak yet. AssistantExtensions also brought us an add-on called Lingual which allows you to translate with Siri. With the help of AssistantExtensions you can also customize Siri to say what we want and when we want. Now once again with the help of AssistantExtensions I’am going to tell you how to make Siri give you custom audio responses when you activate her. Continue reading

How To Install SiriProxy (Video)

The developer of SiriProxy, @plamoni, made a video on how to install SiriProxy on Ubuntu 11.10. If you don’t have Ubuntu, you can easily create a virtual machine on your PC or Mac with VirtualBox.

Set up Ubuntu on a Mac
Set up Ubuntu on Windows

If you successfully set up Ubuntu, you can start installing SiriProxy: Continue reading

Find Free Music by Sending Text Messages To SiriTunes

A new website called SiriTunes lets you use Siri and text messages to search for Music. Just add a new contact to your iPhone called Siri Tunes with the number (424) 888-7474. Then start searching for music: “Ask SiriTunes to play David Guetta”. This will send a text message to SiriTunes and you will get a link to the Song or Artist you requested. If you don’t have Siri, just text the artist or track name directly to SiriTunes.

Website: SiriTunes

via TUAW

How to send e-mails with Siri the easy way

Siri EmailWhen writing e-mails with Siri, usually you would do it like that:

You: “I would like to send an email.”
Siri: “To whom shall I send it?”
You: “Steve.”
Siri: “What’s the subject of your email?
You: “Lunch tomorrow”
Siri: “What would you like your email to say?”
You: “Hey Steve, lets have lunch tomorrow!”
Siri: “Here’s the email message to Steve. Ready to send it?”
You: “Send.”

While this process works perfectly fine, it isn’t fast. You can get Siri to write your email much faster by saying: “Email Steve about Lunch tomorrow and say Hey Steve, lets have lunch tomorrow!” That’s it!

So the formula is: “Email [name] about [subject] and say [message]”

To reply to a new email you can just say “Reply Ok, see you tomorrow.” Continue reading

How to open Applications through Siri using URL schemes

XcodeSiri doesn’t allow you to open Apps. However, there is a workaround that lets you do just that by using Siri and one additional click. Many App developers enable their apps to be opened from other apps or the web using “iPhone URL schemes”. For example, you can type fb:// into the Safari URL box, hit return and the Facebook app will launch.

Here are the commands for some of the most used apps: Continue reading