SiriProxy Server List for Spire


As you all know, Spire requires a valid authentication token to connect to Apple. You have to either set up your own server using a friends Siri keys, or connect to someone else’s SiriProxy Server. But beware, everytime you connect to Siri through a server, private information gets sent through the proxy.

It seems like neither of the public SiriProxies work. This might be due to the fact that the validationdata expires after 24 hours. This means they might get updated soon and start working again.

Update: This list gets updated regularly. For an always up-to-date list of SiriProxy Servers, take a look at the Spire SiriProxy Server List at SiriNews.

Public SiriProxies


Name: The Big Bad Birds
Description: Just like “The Three Little Pigs”, Keys have to be donated by iPhone 4S users.

Twitter: xlnzee
Description: iPhone 4S Users: PEASE FEED KEYS!
1) Download Certificate from the link above
2) Go to Settings->Wi-Fi
3) Tap on the Blue arrow of the Wifi you are connected to
4) Change DNS to
5) Use Siri

Name: The Three Little Pigs
Description: “The Three Little Pigs” must be fed with Keys from iPhone 4S users. As soon as they share their keys, other people will be able to use this Proxy. Check out the Server status here.


Name: Spiri
Cost: 5€ / month
Description: Lots of german Plugins!

Name: Ahmed Group Siri Proxy
Cost: Free
Twitter: AhmedBGroup
Description: It is just like “The Three Little Pigs” proxy, so 4S keys needs to be donated in order for this server to work. Check the server status at

Name: Tretas

Name: Elpelle6

Name: SiriSn0w
Description: This server has been shut down and does no longer work. Server status

Name: My Siri’s
Description: This server is currently being tested and not yet public.

Name: Root Hacks

Name: WeWantSiri

Name: CD Dev Team
Description: This server used to work, but it doesn’t respond at the moment. This could be due to the high traffic.

Private SiriProxies


Name: SiriSn0w
Cost: 20$ for 2 months
Twitter: HisyamNasir
1 person confirmed that this server works.

Cost: You currently have to donate your own iPhone 4S keys to get access.


Cost: 15$ for lifetime
Twitter: SiriSandors

Name: BlizzardDevTeam
Cost: $15 / lifetime
Twitter: s1ri_proxy

Name: RainStone
Cost: 15$ / lifetime
Website: http://RainStone.Co/
Description: Comes with custom plugins that users can play with

Name: iCrackr
Cost: 20$
Twitter: iOS4Me
3 people confirmed that this server works.

Name: SiriSeller
Cost: 10$ / lifetime
Twitter: ItoShinji97

Name: iPhoneiTune
Cost: 24$ per year / 30$ for lifetime
2 people confirmed that this server works.

Name: j1siri
Cost: you have to donate a 4S key

Name: DouSiri
Cost: 20$ / lifetime, or donate an iPhone 4S key to get access
Twitter: dousiri

Name: Vandora
Cost: 10Euro / month
Twitter: VandoraSiri
Description: There is a free Testserver with limited functionality:

Name: SuperSiriProxy
Twitter: SuperSiriProxy
Description: A private SiriProxy based on “The Three Little Pigs” source

Name: FastSiriProxy
Cost: 25$ per year

Cost: 9$ / month
Twitter: spiremobi

Name: UKSpireHosts
Cost: £6 / 2 weeks, £10 / 1 month

Name: SiriForAll

Name: SiriServers
Cost: 5$ / week, 20$ / month

Name: iSpireHost
Cost: 8$/2 weeks, 15$/1 month, 30$/3 months
1 person confirmed that this server works.

Cost: 30$ / 3 months
Twitter: browntechx
1 person confirmed that this server works.

Name: Uber Dev Team
Twitter: uberdevteam

Cost: 20$ / month
Twitter: HisyamNasir

Cost: $10/month

Name: uhelios
Cost: 15$

WARNING: There are a lot of people who just pretend to have a server, but if you donate, you will get nothing. Please be cautious to whom you donate.


A lot of people contacted us and told us these sites were Scams. Do NOT donate to any of these sites.


Name: SiriKeys
Cost: $5 / month

Cost: $5 / week, $15 / month, $30 / forever

To all the people who own a private SiriProxy and want to sell access to their servers, please contact us. If we can confirm that your SiriProxy is working, your Server will be added to our list.

If you know any public or private (with donations) SiriProxy servers, contact us or leave a comment.

Follow us on Twitter of Like our Facebook page to get the latest news from our site:

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243 thoughts on “SiriProxy Server List for Spire

  1. Hii!
    i recently saw someone on twitter provides siri to people with i4,3gs but to get siri fully working on your device he requires you to donate at least 10$! his name on twitter is @HisyamNasir or whatnot!!

  2. If anyone can send me some authorized certificates, I’ll gladly host them on my dedicated server.

    email me:

    bennehny (A()()T) ((())))((()))((()))GMAIL ((D()O()T() COM

  3. Remove from the list! I wen’t ahead and tested it out to verify it’s ; legitimacy and it’s a down right scam. The seller went MIA and the site suddenly wen’t down. It appears he made off with the cash.

  4. There are people selling space on servers for Siri. I got one for $15. I don’t want to advertise just saying there are some out there. Of course, always be careful and don’t get scammed. If you don’t want to pay, just be patient and I’m sure public ones will become available.

  5. I have a server ready to go made from ubuntu but I dont have the Iphone 4s keys… Anyone wanna give it a try with me. I will keep it private between me and a person with the Iphone 4S

  6. Anyone live near Mansfield wanna pay this kid a visit? He stole my money too…

    Jake William Smith
    667 Elm St
    Mansfield, MA 02048


    Administrative Contact:
    Smith, Jake
    667 Elm St
    Mansfield, MA 02048
    Technical Contact:
    WebhostGIANT,, Support
    2420 Grand Ave
    Suite G-2
    Vista, CA 92081
    +1.7604771110 Fax: +1.7604771110

    Registration Service Provider:
    614-871-8674 (fax)

  7. Luis, I read your input on yahoo too! Sounds like Jake got you as well… I’ll file with my credit card, paypal, and call his house to talk to his parents. From the looks of the pics that Josh found, he’s just a ballsy teenage kid who needs an ass kicking from his parents…

  8. I saw this website and it works! At first I thought it was spam, thats why I bought the 5 dollar for a week, but it is really working! Amazing!

    • Looks like a scam to me. I didn’t think it looked real so I just ordered the one week option. Been waiting for well over an hour now and got nothing….I also notice that you have been posting this exact message on many other sites….I would stay away until someone else confirms this!!

      • Hi, I checked the site again, and it says you will get your money back due problems with paypal or smtng. and you can purchase it again. As it was working for me in the first place, i hope this is what you guys where waiting for 😉

  9. If any one finds anything more about this jake william douche please post here. he got my money today too. we need to take action

  10. I personally don’t think that there will be a working free Siri Proxy Host in the near future (2 weeks). Maybe in 1 month when TONS of Siri Proxy Hosts begin to come out, but definitely none for now. Plus Chpwn also said that this wasn’t his really cool tweak, maybe he’s got something up his sleeves for Spire. 🙂

    • I have finally found a legitimate Siri host check out a guy on twitter @s26tech…promise it worked and I’m sitting here astounded!!

  11. Hi to all! I have site and host and i’m ready to set up server on my host but i need help from someone who could explane me how to install it on host and some one who want to share 4s keys. My host is fast and trust, so i don’t think it will have respond problems. Conect me here!

  12. is a scam the guy marco is posting on other sites that he paid for it and it works but when you go on site and click buy when directed to paypal the email address for payment is to funny that!!!

  13. I’m kind of annoyed and a little sad that none of these servers - it appears - is operated by an adult. Anyone else feel that’s a little weird, that we’re giving teenagers cash for a service? I don’t know…

  14. I STRONGLY recommend

    He’s genuine, and his server is very fast.
    Price’s are $40 for a year and $15 for a month (you can upgrade if you contact him). The server has been very fast and has been up whenever I’ve used it (He had a few problems with it last night but it seems to be working now)

    No I’m not just advertising him, I’m a customer, I bought the $40 slot 🙂 I’m JamesPoel on twitter.

    • Jakewilliamsmith has overbooked, issuing refunds now guys! Sorry for the people that didn’t get access! You guys shutdown my PayPal so it is hard to refund you guys

      • ohh now you telling people that you wont be “able” to refund, lol, anyways we now your mom Jill, and will contact her soon enough if we dont see refunds

      • What did you expect when you are scamming people out of their own money?! You have no idea how much shit you’ve got yourself into dude. This isn’t scamming someone out of gps on runescape, this is real life, you’re stealing, and that’s illegal, you can go to jail.

        I can’t beleive the stupidity of some kids nowadays.

      • You are a complete arse with no life, and the only reason why I’m not on my way to your house right now to break your teeth is because you didn’t scam me personally.

        • Also I find it amusing that you’re so crap at web designing that you based your two webpages (main and server status) on an error 404 template. Rofl.

          • After filing a dispute with Paypal, I got my refund from jakewilliamsmith’s scam… Don’t know if he sent it voluntarily or Paypal did it automatically. Did everyone else get their money back?

    • Generally, I wouldn’t purchase from anyone who’s website looks like that. You’d expect someone who knows how to set up a proxy server to know a bit about how to make a website, too, and that site looks a bit *ehem* rubbish.!/S26Tech is genuine but his slots are quite expensive and in short supply, but that’s who I’m with at the moment and I can guarantee to you that it’s genuine and working fine (at the moment). The creator is a really smart 14 year old from California, he’s a cool guy.

  15. Follow @SiriR0nic he’s legit! He needs 450$ to buy a server, he has i think 180$ in a day! If you donate 10$ or more, you get the server 2 or 3 days before everyone!

  16. @Sp1r3Pr0xy contact me on twitter… Only have 2 year slots available.. $30 per slot unless you guys offer more or want to bid 😉 haha anyways contact me if interested

  17. Hey guys, i have a server setup on my mac for siriproxy. I dont have an iPhone 4S myself, so if someone will share with me their UDID, ill be more than happy to share the Proxy url so then we can use it. I will not share any of your info to anyone else.

  18. You want to use Siri but you don’t have an iPhone 4S? No problem, we just setup Siri to run on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod 4G! How? We reverse-engineered Apple’s Siri server and setup our own server! We got Siri fully running on all iOS 5 devices! Completely no lag, no problems, and the best of it: it’s totally FREE. How do you get it? Visit and follow the instructions there!

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  20. Guys! It actually works! It works better than I thought! I thought it would be laggy but it works just as fast as the IPhone 4S! I think…. But it works fast! You guys have to try it! It really works!

  21. I have tried since Wednesday no reply yet.

    I just today tried sending money to Also I will let you know if either get back to me.

  22. Screw this. I’m going to start BUILDING MY OWN SIRI server.
    If you have a key to share with me to test and get it working, email me on my spam email address [email protected] and I WILL GIVE YOU FREE ACCESS.
    I can give you my private skype email and we can chat while we get it set up and working.
    I have a spare i7 Box that we can test it on and a dedicate server hosted in the USA that we can shift it to, on a private domain once working.

    Going to start right now so I imagine I’ll have something going in the next 24hrs.
    So first in will be rewarded with FREE ACCESS if you are happy to share your key with me.

  23. You can add to the list!
    It’s a free Spire Server that uses Google Voice, it’s up 24/7 and doesn’t need keys!

    It’s still in public beta so it only supports german language and a handfull of commands, but it works!

  24. Ok so i enter the URL where it says “Proxy Host” but i dont have a enter button or anything so i was wondering if i really have to donte to just start spire?

  25. I can confirm that the SuperSiriProxy is working… They have great service, and is pretty cheap ($10 for a lifetime)! It can be used on two devices the same time, and they have loads of plug-ins! Great price/value!!!

  26. I test the its working fast, if i got any problem these guys response me very fast, even they had 11 server all server have more then 10 key at the same time.

  27. I need iPhone 4S keys to get my Siri Proxy Server online! If you donate your 4S key, I will let you activate 1 iDevice to use Siri on! This could be a iPhone 4, 3GS iPod or a iPad!

    email [email protected] NOW!

    We really need iPhone 4S keys! It is 100% and we let you activate 1 iDevice for FREE! [email protected]

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  30. Dont buy FastSiriProxy i paid my money 3 weeks ago and still can not connect, They keep saying they will send me new logo on details but dont.

    • Well I think you might have been mistaken because when I bought it I got assistance it’s an amazing proxy server

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  32. Bonjour, je poste un message pour vous dire que je je viens de trouver un site magnifique qui permet de porter légalement Siri sur des ancien idevices tel que l’iPhone 4 3GS 3G iPad iPod touch tout cela en wifi comme en 3G et cela 24/24h et 7/7j de plus l’équipe est très sérieuse elle se fera un énorme plaisir à répondre à vos questions !
    Passons au site qui permet cette merveille il s’agit de voilà allez y faire un tour cordialement niveki79

  33. FastSiriProxy is a fast and has adequate service responds to mail
    And is no scam refer to “Ryan”(me) while buying to get special assistance

  34. Guy don’t buy S1 Siri blizzard dev team proxy being a scam server,it is often down,the kid who sell the proxy is mr Sullivan his details tp-00 1 (616) 669-4097
    He nerver response to you kindly&responsibly so don’t be cheated,his certificate link would work instantly after a week it would be scam,on the while he is a cheater selling the own wife.his server is full of scam and laggy so beware of he is a kid don’t expect responsibility

    • this is the bullshit tems and condition of S1(Sulivan) blizzard dev cheating servers,they cheat the people with expired certificate link,
      Guarantee of Access to our Servers - We, the Blizzard Development Team do not
      guarantee access to the servers on a 24/7 basis. We cannot guarantee server
      access because we must perform maintenance and occasionally the servers may
      crash. We will not refund any money because your device cannot connect to our
      servers 100% of the time, also note that if the server is working properly and
      it is your device containing the issue we will not refund you because we cannot
      fix the issue on our side. “Lifetime” usage is not guaranteed, if we do not have
      sufficient funds and/or time to manage and maintain the server after 3/4/13 we
      may cancel service without chance of refund. We may choose to extend this date
      in the future.
      Amendments- We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at anytime,
      you (the end user) agree to these future changes by clicking Accept” or
      “Purchase” in PayPal™. We will however, inform you of any amendments we are
      forced to make.

  35. Check out my host at
    It’s based on Jimmy Kane’s The Three Little Pigs Siri Proxy but with some improvements to the proxy code as well as my web interface

  36. No if’s! No but’s! Just simply Siri! We put the customer first and charge the cheapest rate around at only $10. We offer a free trial something that no other Siri proxies do! And if your not completely satisfied with your purchase we’ll give you a refund! Join the revolution now at

    Please check us out you won’t regret it 😉

  37. Dang! These people sells Siri Access yet they ask for keys from dumpers for FREE. and when they run out of keys, they just give you a smiley!

    For Siri Access, go here..…It’s FREE with no conditions..

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  39. The Ahmed Group Siri Proxy is a payed and free way to connect to Siri. We have a free Siri Server that uses Google to process the speech packets. And we also have a payed Siri proxy that connects to the original Apple servers.

    It is $10 per month to connect one device.

    We have the highest up times. Go to our website for more information.

    Contact me if you need more information:
    [email protected]

  40. I can confirm that is working. And very fast compare to other Siri proxy I used. I’m on iPhone 4 GSM 5.1.1 build 9b208. It doesnt use spire or spite.

    Thanks for reading

  41. Whats up!Now I am at the workplace browsing your current blog by my personal completely new iphone 3gs! Simply like to suggest I really like analyzing your current www and also start looking onward to your entire content! Carry on the outstanding work.

  42. As of July 27, 2012, The “Three Little Pigs” proxy is no longer running. Some lawyers from Apple had it taken down.

  43. Hello everyone! I want to announce that I work on an new Siri Server Project. I want to make an server for everyone, so in almost every language but I need help with Translating(I just know 5 Languages).

    If you want to help, send an E-Mail to [email protected]

    There I’ll send you my contact details, that are important!

    Thanks for the help!

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  46. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin
    for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having
    difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

  47. Anyone that wants to setup their own Siri server but need a key: I can donate my 4S key for FREE. I don’t see any reason to charge people for a digital assistant haha. Reply to my comment if you need a key! 🙂

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