AssistantConnect, The Easiest Way To Get Siri On Your iPhone 4 (Without SiriProxies!)

As you all know, you need to have valid keys from an iPhone 4S on your iDevice in order to use Siri. If you don’t have the validationData from an iPhone 4S, Siri won’t work. Until now, the easiest way was to setup a SiriProxy yourself, or use one from our SiriProxy Server List. But setting up your own SiriProxy was very difficult, and the free SiriProxies didn’t always work.

Now, there is a new way to get the validationData from an iPhone 4S to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. A tweak called AssistantConnect and AssistantConnect4S allow you to share a 4S’s validationData over E-Mail, so you won’t have to set up a SiriProxy Server. Continue reading

How To Make Custom Audio Responses (Video)

After the release of the A5 jailbreak there have been many Siri tweaks that enhance her in some ways but AssistantExtensions turned out to be by far the most impressive Siri tweak yet. AssistantExtensions also brought us an add-on called Lingual which allows you to translate with Siri. With the help of AssistantExtensions you can also customize Siri to say what we want and when we want. Now once again with the help of AssistantExtensions I’am going to tell you how to make Siri give you custom audio responses when you activate her. Continue reading

How To Change Siri’s Microphone Color (Video)

The Technetec Dev Team released a Cydia Tweak that changes the color of Siri’s Microphone. You need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch with Siri (or Spire) installed to use this tweak.

Available colors are: blue, yellow, red, and green. Continue reading

How To Remove H1Siri From Your iPhone

As most of you already know, H1Siri was the first Siri Port that connected to Apple’s servers. But due to Server overload, H1Siri stopped working. H1Siri might also compromise your personal data so you should remove it from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Here’s how to do it: Continue reading

How To Install SiriProxy (Video)

The developer of SiriProxy, @plamoni, made a video on how to install SiriProxy on Ubuntu 11.10. If you don’t have Ubuntu, you can easily create a virtual machine on your PC or Mac with VirtualBox.

Set up Ubuntu on a Mac
Set up Ubuntu on Windows

If you successfully set up Ubuntu, you can start installing SiriProxy: Continue reading