Jackoplane Finally Shows Proof For His Siri Port (Video)

Yes, you heard that right. After more than 2 weeks, Jackoplane finally shows video proof for his Siri Port. He showed Siri running on his iPhone 4 live on ustream and people were also allowed to request things he should ask.

Siri works perfectly fine, although Dictation doesn’t work yet.

We don’t know if Jackoplane had a working Siri Port all along or if he got it working after Applidium cracked Siri’s protocol and he could use their method to extract the reqired info. So far, chpwnunimp0rtanttech and Jackoplane were the only people who were able to port Siri to any device other than the iPhone 4S.

Jackoplane promised to release more details tomorrow. Watch his ustream recording here:

Watch Out For The JackopIane Double on Twitter

Someone used the fact that the upper case letter of “i” looks the same as the lower case letter of “L” to create a fake account that looks exactly like @Jackoplane. The fake Jackoplane is actually Jackopiane, but because “I” and “l” look the same, you can’t tell the difference between those two names.

The easiest way to check if the tweets come from the real or the fake profile is to look at the follower count. The real Jackoplane has about 11’000 followers, the fake JackopIane has around 100 followers.


Real profile: JackoplaneJackopianeFake profile: Jackopiane

So if you see a message from Jackoplane on Twitter, always check which one of them tweeted the message.

What is Herpinya?

HerpinyaWe’ve been getting a lot of requests about what Herpinya is and whether or not herpinya.com is a legit Siri Port.

Herpinya.com is NOT a legit Siri port. If you visit the website on your iOS device, you can press on the microphone button and you will hear a noise that sounds like “herpinya”. We would not recommend to visit this website as they may upload vulnerable code at a future date.

Herpinya is the codename given to Apple’s Siri when being ported to lower generation iDevices.

Source: Urban Dictionary

Siri Port “Soap Opera” continues, Jackoplane’s conversation leaked?

Jackoplane liedEarlier today, someone tweeted that he has proof that Jackoplane, the hacker who claims to have ported Siri but has never shown proof, was lying all along. He released screenshots of a conversation between him and Jackoplane. In the conversation we can see that Jackoplane only cares about money and donations. Although these screenshots look legit, we have to keep in mind that they may also be fake. Check out the Gallery after the break.

Pictures on Picasa

We also haven’t heard anything from Jackoplane in a while, which is certainly not a good sign.

Browntechx Released a Screenshot of The Code He Saw From Jackoplane as Proof

About half an hour ago, browntechx tweeted the following:

To tell the truth guys, I don’t know about Jackoplane. I am starting to have serious doubts. He may of deceived us all.

I want the port as much as you guys do.

When we asked him if he ever saw proof of Jackoplane’s port, he told us that he made some screenshots of the code @Jackoplane was working on. A few minutes ago, he released one of these screenshots. Continue reading

Siriport.com Is Switching to a New Server, Release imminent?

@browntechx answered some of the questions about the Siri Port.

First, he said the reason siriport.com changed back to the old design is that they are switching to a new server to prepare to release their port.

1) Why did http://siriport.com/ change back to the old design. Answ: We are switching to the new server to get ready to release the port.

The new server has the old design, because Jackoplane wanted it that way.

Another question was: Will it be a package off a Cydia repo? The answer is yes.

There is still no ETA.