AnyVoice: A New Tweak That Will Allow People With Different Accents to Easily Interact With Siri

Are you one of those people who own an iPhone 4S but are not actually able to use Siri to her full potential because you have a heavy accent? Well if you are jailbroken you can now forget going through the pain of asking Siri the same question a hundred times before getting her to understand it. With AnyVoice (an upcoming tweak) you can now select what accent you want to speak in with Siri, the tweak has a plethora of options so do not worry one of them will fit your persona.

The developer @rud0lf77 has worked hard for this tweak and I’am sure AnyVoice will be used all over by different people as this will help solve them their ‘Sirious’ issues. Continue reading

Jackoplane Finally Shows Proof For His Siri Port (Video)

Yes, you heard that right. After more than 2 weeks, Jackoplane finally shows video proof for his Siri Port. He showed Siri running on his iPhone 4 live on ustream and people were also allowed to request things he should ask.

Siri works perfectly fine, although Dictation doesn’t work yet.

We don’t know if Jackoplane had a working Siri Port all along or if he got it working after Applidium cracked Siri’s protocol and he could use their method to extract the reqired info. So far, chpwnunimp0rtanttech and Jackoplane were the only people who were able to port Siri to any device other than the iPhone 4S.

Jackoplane promised to release more details tomorrow. Watch his ustream recording here:

Launch Applications on Your Mac With Siri Using iTeleport (video)

iTeleport adds Siri supportiTeleport is a powerful remote control VNC app for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iTeleport is packed with features and easy to install. Just download the iTeleport on your iDevice trough the App Store ($19.99) and install the free iTeleport Connect Client for your Mac or PC.

Today they released a new feature avaliable exclusively for the iPhone 4S: Voice commands! Simply tap the microphone in the keyboard an say “Launch + Application Name” and the App will launch on your Mac.

Voice commands are currently only available on the Mac, but Windows support should come very soon. Watch the video after the break.

iTeleport is one of the first apps that make use of Siri’s speech-to-text feature. We are starting to see the potential Siri has if developers start using it.

Do you know any other apps that make use of Siri’s speech-to-text functionality? Send us an e-mail or leave a comment to let us know.

Website: iTeleport