Interview With @ReagentX, Developer of SiriN1ght (SiriKn1ght)

@ReagentX and @ChristopoulosZ, developers of SiriN1ght, one of the most solid Siri UI Ports, were interviewed by iModZone. Read the full interview by Kreason Aaron here:

Tonight i was lucky enough to get an interview with @ReagentX, a developer working on the Siri port to older iOS devices. He spoke on behalf of himself and @ChristopoulosZ and clarified a few of the looming questions about the sir port saga.

The most notable part of the iMessage conversation was him confirming a usable method of authentication that he plans to release to the public once it is ready

I’ve been asked to stress that this port is a colaberation. ReagentX and ChristopoulosZ have both put in long hours to make this possible.

See the full interview below. iMessage screenshots to follow soon.

Aaron (me): Ok. I’ll ask a question and you answer. Feel free to elaborate as you wish.

@ReagentX: Ready.

Aaron (me):Do you believe a full Siri port is possible on a large scale? Do you think Apples servers would cope?

@ReagentX: In short, yes.

Let me elaborate.

Aaron (me): Please do.

@ReagentX: Apple’s servers are extremely powerful, and I do not believe that this is an issue. They would see hundreds of thousands of new queries, but said queries usually max out at ~200kb so I don’t see an issue there.

Aaron (me): So we know Apple could cope. So Siri as a whole (iPhone 4s included) would not be hindered?

@ReagentX: Not in the least! Siri would most likely benefit, it learns from every query to become more accurate. The only person hurt is Apple, because people will stop buying 4Ss.

Aaron (me): I see. That sounds promising. Onto the next question.

Do you have a port or plan in place to achieve the server authentication that is needed by Siri?

@ReagentX: Yes, infact I do.

However, The only issue I see ATM is getting the millions of auth keys. So that apple doesn’t see 10,000 queries a second from a single device. Right now my 4 looks like my 4S to Apple’s servers. And If I release that, they’ll just block it.

Aaron (me): I see. So it requires copied tokens. How legal is this method?

@ReagentX: Ok.

For me or the end user?

Aaron (me): Both?

@ReagentX: Actually it’s pretty much the same. Apple has to send out a “Cease and Desist” order to anyone using this software. It is only after that that charges can be pressed. From my understanding of the law. I did talk to a couple of my college friends who are majoring in law, they did confirm this.

Aaron (me): I see. So as it stands the port is, currently, legal?

@ReagentX: At the moment, yes.

To my understanding.

Aaron (me): Interesting.

Would this port be sustainable for future iOS updates?

@ReagentX: As long as tethered jailbreaks exist (always will) it will work. Just not on iOS 4 devices.

Aaron (me): That sounds logical.

So who are the real porters working on the Siri port?

@ReagentX: Me and @ChristopoulosZ are working together, Jackoplane and I chat over Skype. We share quite a bit of information, but I’m questioning wether he is legit or not ATM. Obviously Struoghton-Smith is real, as are chpwn etc. Anyone else, as far as I know, are using less safe methods of install or half-baked ports. SiriKn1ght is the only port that works 100%, And Requires only 1 modification to authenticate with apple.

Aaron (me): I see. Any comment on on @siriportnews ,@brngates or @thesiriport. And what about sirisn0w?

@ReagentX: SiriSn0w is a half-baked port. It doesn’t include any graphics, sounds, or even attempts to connect. SiriKn1ght is the only working port. Working so that you can install my package the get auth. No comment, most of them are using my old files anyway.

Aaron (me): I see. On that note do you have any warnings to the public about the fake porters or “half-baked” GUI only ports?

@ReagentX: The one from SiriPortNews deletes Cydia, and so does that @iPhoNewsRO guy.

Aaron (me): Note to self: stay away!

Finally, do you see further development with Siri, by yourself or others, after the port is complete?

@ReagentX: Once it’s auth’d an public, I only see compatibility fixes. No new code, just fixing old code. That is, until Apple releases it for the 4 because of me lol

Aaron (me): Let’s hope your right (I just got my iPhone 4 a few months ago). Thank you for your time RegentX. I wish you and your colleagues the best going forward. And we hope to hear from you soon, when your port is complete and public.

@ReagentX: Same here, that’s why I’m working so hard lol

Aaron (me): And we appreciate it. Thank you.

follow me on twitter @KreasonA and @ReagentX for more info, as it happens.

Here are the iMessage screenshots (PDF format, easier to upload)


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