Project Black Mirror, Mind-controlled Siri is likely a hoax

Last week we reported that the guys of the Project Black Mirror managed to use only their mind to control Siri. But despite the impressive video and setup, the entire thing might be a fake.

As Philip Galander points out in the comments of their website, some of the chips are not wired correctly:

Just a reminder to anyone reading along that the demo videos were faked. There are technical observations anyone can make to confirm this. For example, the SpeakJet chip isn’t connected to anything, and the voltage levels (if any) from the sensors would be insufficient for the Arduino A/D converters.

InteraXon, a company that does real research into thought control of devices, pointed out some other things:

  • ECG pads measure heart activity, not brain activity (EEG pads measure brain activity)
  • Project Black Mirror said they were measuring brain activity on a scale of 0 to 5 volts, but brain activity is actually measured in microvolts.

via TUAW

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