What To Do If Siri Doesn’t Understand You


Everyone who has an iPhone 4S is certainly in love with one of its two catchy features: Siri! All of us keep on asking questions to the personal assistant and love what answers she gives, some of them are very hilarious while some just serve their purpose. But there are some things Siri doesn’t understand and you really want her to learn (for example if you want to make your own Custom Commands for Siri).
If you are not an American or you don’t have an american accent, Siri sometimes tends to misunderstand you and you get frustrated if that keeps happening. So here is a very simple solution.

All you have to do is say something to Siri and wait for her to reply. If she gives the correct answer you obviously don’t have to do this, but if she gives you the wrong answer or says “I don’t understand”, you can simply tap on the question you asked (sometimes Siri even highlights the words that might be something else). You will see that the keyboard pops up. Now you can go ahead and type what you wanted to ask and after you hit “Done” she will answer your question.

Hope this helped. If you have any further questions on how this works the video below should answer them.

Now even when you are in a market place with a lot of background noise you can easily get Siri to answer your questions.

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