Make Siri Say What you Want And When You Want!


A few months back we learned how to make Siri conversations on the internet which you could save and upload. But the sad part was that Siri was not able to speak out those conversations. And if someone asked “Hey the picture you uploaded was awesome! Can I do that with Siri as well?” you would have had to tell them that it’s not a real Siri screenshot. Until now.

So today I bring you a post which will tell you a very easy way to make your own custom Siri conversations (which Siri speaks).

  • First you need to install AssistantExtensions
  • SSH into your iPhone
  • Root > Library > AssitantExtensions > aiml
  • Open text editor, then type the xml code (refer other aiml files to get an idea of how to write the xml)
  • Save the document as a .aiml
  • Drag it to where the other .aiml files are in the FTP client
  • Start Siri on your iPhone 4S
  • Say “Late’s chat”
  • After she is done “loading her brain”, you can ask her the question you typed in and you will surely get the reply back
  • To end the conversation say “Goodbye”

You can see the video below to get an idea of how this works:

Let me know if you got stuck up some where.

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12 thoughts on “Make Siri Say What you Want And When You Want!

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  2. Thank you for this video but alot of stuff doesnt appear on my iphone using the FUGU and i cant find AssitantExtensions

    • You don’t need all that stuff, right click on root in the top and you will see a drop down click on ‘/’ then go into library then into AssistantExtensions… let me know if you still are unable to find it!
      Or you can even type it in the search of the FTP client

    • It has to work, if you do everything right then it will work, before saying let’s chat navigate away from the .aiml page and then try again. If this also doesn’t work re-install AssistantExtentions. Follow the video step-by-step you will get it.

      • Only “Search on youtube”, “List the switches”, and “launch apps” are working, “let’s chat” doesn’t work even after I activated it by saying “what’s the weather like for today”. How can I do, please ?

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  4. I’m working on a project using this method. But I can’t seem to use any of the predicates. Every time I try to set them, it crashses. Any suggestions?

  5. how can I stop Siri from saying “Who me?”. I’ve asked, begged, threatened with crushing and nothing works. I have had it where Siri will write Who me and not say it but it’s not permanent. Thanks for reading my request.

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