New Patent Suggests Apple To Enhance Siri In Future Devices!

Siri is the one feature on the iPhone 4S that has made the whole world go crazy! May it be a singer, a techie, an engineer, a doctor or a blogger, no matter who you ask they know about Siri, the best virtual personal assistant. Apple introduced Siri to us saying that it is still in beta stage which disappointed many users. After using it for some time, people thought: If the beta is so good, what will the final one be like?

Well here is a possible answer to that question. PatentlyApple today tells us about a new Apple patent which informs us that Siri will be enhanced in future devices.

According to the patent, Apple is planning to give Siri the ability to run any kind of action and will allow us control the Settings app by voice (which has obviously already been achieved by the jailbreak community (e.g. AssistantExtensions).

Here is what the patent suggests:

  • Siri could provide mechanisms for receiving spoken input as an alternative to writing, tapping, clicking, typing or performing other tasks achieved using a GUI.
  • The same interface could be made adaptable to both an office environment and a moving vehicle, with the system dynamically making the necessary changes to the UI behavior as the environment changes.
  • The system could be implemented using any number of different platforms such as device APIs, the web and email.
It seems like Apple will continue to enhance the power of our best friend Siri in more ways than we can imagine. Though some of the things have already been achieved by the jailbreak community. But there is always room for more innovation and new inventions.
Two words by the greatest man himself: “Think Different” was always the motto of Apple and always will be…
What would you like to see in Siri in the future?
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