n00neimp0rtant’s Sirious Got Updated, Now Supports iPhone 4S

A while back we reported about a tweak called Sirious. (Not Siri0us, the dictation tweak).

Sirious allowed you to paste iPhone 4S keys onto your iPhone 4 and authenticated Siri on that device until the keys expired.

Sirious has now been updated. With the new iPhone 4S jailbreak, you can now also install Sirious on your iPhone 4S. If you install it there, Sirious will copy the phone’s validation data and all the other keys to a file called “com.n00neimp0rtant.sirious.plist”. You can then copy this file to any other device and it will authenticate Siri until the keys expire (You need to install Sirious on your other device as well). This is especially helpful for people who don’t have access to a SiriProxy server.

The tweak only needs one more feature: It would be great if you could “link” two devices and everytime the iPhone 4S generates new keys, they will get transferred to the iPhone 4 immediately.

Sirious on GitHub

via iJailbreakHacks.com

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15 thoughts on “n00neimp0rtant’s Sirious Got Updated, Now Supports iPhone 4S

  1. You could setup the link yourself by:

    Creating a LaunchDaemon that monitors the key file on the 4s and runs a script (possibly linking to Dropbox API) that uploads the keys somewhere.

    Then, if you have a server, you could setup another LaunchDaemon that monitors the dropbox file and connects to your iphone 4 (through a reverse ssh tunnel) and updates your keys.

    • i tried, and failed.
      When u manage to do that link, plz make a guide :P
      I have a separate ubuntu vps i coud use tor crontab or something.

  2. Hello, Thank you very much for this program. Everything worked fine up in till the restore. I tried everything and just cant get it to restore with the new IPSW file. Im on a iPod touch 4th generation. Thanks in advance,


    • What restore are u talking about..?
      All u have to do is install the sirious.deb ont both your devices, and move the file
      com.n00neimp0rtant.sirious.plist from your 4s from /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ to the same place onto your old iunit.
      Then make sure u have spire installed and enter https://guzzoni.apple.com into the proxy field.

  3. With sirious installed, can you still use siri with spire and proxy server the usual way?
    If you would like? Or this would not work?

  4. Sirious works just fine with my ipad 2 spire.
    Thank you.
    But I was just wondering:
    Where go the sessionValidationData on non-4S idevices? Or how are they handled? Just a curiosity…:-).

  5. Not working, tried everything but no luck.
    After installing the sirious deb file in 4s, the great miss. siri stopped working in my 4s. its like all stuck not even a sound from siri. Rebooted 4s like crazy for like 5 times lol but siri never worked.
    And no response from my 3gs. Copied file from 4s to 3gs via ifile all was fine even double checked the file in 3gs in ifile via text viewer, all sort of text were in there but no response not even a sound from siri it was like all stuck.
    Restoring my 4s with itunes, ok finally back from dead. all is fine with my 4s. Maybe it worked for many but not for me.


    • it can get like that, esiest option for getting siri bk on the 4s is install spire, uninstall spire, reboot, install spire again.

      i got the same thing on my 4s, it did work most of the times, but reinstalling siri on my 4s all the time was to annoying.

      • Thanks for the response.

        Well thats the issue with the 4s, but the same with the 3gs, it wasnt even booting sometimes. I have installed spire in the past many times in the 3gs and in 4 but it was all smooth, never stuck even on the apple logo. i think the problem is in the deb file which we are downloading.


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