Browntechx Released a Screenshot of The Code He Saw From Jackoplane as Proof


About half an hour ago, browntechx tweeted the following:

To tell the truth guys, I don’t know about Jackoplane. I am starting to have serious doubts. He may of deceived us all.

I want the port as much as you guys do.

When we asked him if he ever saw proof of Jackoplane’s port, he told us that he made some screenshots of the code @Jackoplane was working on. A few minutes ago, he released one of these screenshots.

Jackoplane immediately responded:

@browntechx HAHAHA, you took a screenshot a GUI app? Thats funny dude.Nothing fancy in there dude.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Jackoplane releases his port or at least proof that it is legit anytime soon.

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