Jackoplane Continues to Tease us, Won’t Release a Video

Yesterday, @Jackoplane agreed to upload a video of his Siri port on an iPhone 4 because @stroughtonsmith demanded him to show proof of his port. Jackoplane first tweeted earlier today that his SSD is full and he has to back up and restore, therefore the video might be delayed. He later tweeted that he will not post a video because he wants us to see Siri with our own eyes:

@iMikeBeas I’m relaxing and not doing a video. People can see with there owns eyes :)

He later revealed a new screenshot of Siri on the iPhone 4.

It more and more looks like Jackoplane is just teasing us without having anything to show at all. A video would take about 5 minutes to make and all the people would be happy, but he still prefers not to.

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Jackoplane Just Released Another Screenshot, Not The Proof We Were Waiting For

In a recent tweet, Jackoplane promised to release something in a few hours. Of course we thought he would release his port, or at least proof that it is real. Well, we got neither of those two. All we got is another screenshot that proves nothing. Read Jackoplane’s statement:


So I mentioned that I would have something to release today

(https://twitter.com/jackoplane/status/132983184840339456) So here’s what we have so far: http://jckpry.me/0j3N3w3S1K3J2u1D2E0j

Again, This doesn’t ‘prove’ anything yet just, I understand your skepticism; Theres nothing i can do about it at the moment (I don’t wanna do a video or give the package to someone to film a video, You’ll just have to wait.). I’m currently working on making sure this works on all your devices and making your it’s not going to break anything. You can expect something later this evening. Until then I shall continue to test and hopefully have something out to you guys this evening!

Source: http://pastie.org/2818753

One thing that doesn’t really make sense is the following sentence:

“Theres nothing i can do about it at the moment (I don’t wanna do a video or give the package to someone to film a video, You’ll just have to wait.)”

The statement “Theres nothing i can do about it at the moment” is just not true. He could just make a video and post it. The reason why he doesn’t release a video is because “he doesn’t want to”. Why doesn’t he want to do a video? It would only take about 5 minutes of his time.

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Jackoplane to Release Something Shortly. Will It Be Proof or His Port?

Jackplane just tweeted that he will release something shortly. It will most likely be a video, as stroughtonsmith requested video proof from Jackoplane yesterday.

He later tweeted:

Guys, ‘shortly’ doesn’t mean right this very second, it mean in the next few hours.

So we should expect to see something from him in the next few hours.

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Stroughtonsmith Demands Jackoplane to Release Proof for his Siri Port, Jack Promises Video by Tomorrow

@stroughtonsmith demanded @jackoplane to post a video because Jackoplane wanted 500$ in donations to pay for the server. Stroughtonsmith then tweeted

It’s been a month; I’m still waiting for evidence from @Jackoplane that he’s got any further with Siri than the stuff I *gave* him.

After that, he demanded Jackoplane to post a video proof.

@THiZIZMiZZ well ok then; stop collecting money until it’s proven to be real :-P Ultimatum thrown down. [link to the picture below]

@Jackoplane how about you post a video right now and show everybody, not just me?

Jackoplane a video will be shot tomorrow

A video will be shot 2morro.

Let’s see if Jackoplane will release the video tomorrow or if the has been lying to us for the last few weeks just to get money from us.

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Why we won’t see Siri on our iPhone 4 in the near future

Chpwn AvatarWe already know that @chpwn and @stroughtonsmith have successfully ported Siri over to the iPhone 4. Many people now demand that they release their port or at least a description on how they did it. That’s why chpwn wrote a blog post on why they can’t release it right now.

You can find his blog post here.

For those of you who don’t want to read the whole text, here’s a summary. Basically, the reason why they can’t release it is copyright issues. As we already mentioned in an earlier post, you need files from an iPhone 4S. To get those files, you have to jailbreak your iPhone. And as we all know, there is no public jailbreak available for the iPhone 4S right now. But once there is a public jailbreak and we have the decryption key for the iPhone 4S IPSW, they are allowed to legally distribute their port. So we will just have to wait.

There is another interesting thing chpwn wrote in his post:

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Jackoplane, the hacker who ported Siri to the iPhone 4, just got a job offer from Apple *update*

According to this tweet, jackoplane just got a job offer from Apple.

 I just received this email - http://jckpry.me/2G3w3d210A1c3N0E431U Not sure what todo.

Maybe Apple was impressed by his work on the Siri port, which Jackoplane wanted to release soon. It could also be an attempt to keep Jackoplane from releasing his port. Because as soon as anybody releases Siri for the iPhone 4 or any other iOS devices, sales for the iPhone 4S might drop because a lot of people are buying the iPhone 4 just to get their hands on Siri.

image via jckpry.me

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