Watch Out For The JackopIane Double on Twitter

Someone used the fact that the upper case letter of “i” looks the same as the lower case letter of “L” to create a fake account that looks exactly like @Jackoplane. The fake Jackoplane is actually Jackopiane, but because “I” and “l” look the same, you can’t tell the difference between those two names.

The easiest way to check if the tweets come from the real or the fake profile is to look at the follower count. The real Jackoplane has about 11’000 followers, the fake JackopIane has around 100 followers.


Real profile: JackoplaneJackopianeFake profile: Jackopiane

So if you see a message from Jackoplane on Twitter, always check which one of them tweeted the message.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Out For The JackopIane Double on Twitter

  1. LOL, just to let you know that fake Jackoplane is me. I don’t really see the point of this article though, the tweets obviously show that the account is a parody. Also what’s there to “watch out for”? First (the real) Jackoplane is a fraud so no one should be following his tweets anyway and second this fake Jackoplane is a parody so lighten up :)

    • Hi.

      I know that Jackoplane is most likely a fraud. But I’ve been getting a lot of messages saying that Jackoplane confessed that he was lying (and links to your tweets like!/JackopIane/status/133729979723808768). With this article I just wanted to let people know that there is a fake JackopIane, and they should take a closer look if they see a new tweet. (I mean the parody becomes clear if you read all the tweets on your profile, but if you just see one of them saying you were lying, you won’t realize it’s not him.

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