Rumor: Siri To Speak Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese & Russian Next Month!

As we all know, Siri, our virtual assistant and friend, is restricted to only three languages as of now because it is still in it’s beta stage. This is a bit disappointing for people across the globe who either have problems speaking in English or have a heavy accent.
So today the Chinese Tech website DoNews claims that an Apple Engineer has tipped them that Siri will start speaking Chinese by next month as the Chinese version of Siri is already undergoing internal testing.

Another good news for the Chinese people is that Siri would not only be able to speak and understand Chinese but will also provide navigation and location services in China. This feature is currently limited only to the United States.
Currently, Siri speaks three different languages: English, German and French. This is a huge problem for those people who have a different accent as Siri is not able to understand them properly.
The site also claims that Siri support for Mandarin, Japanese and Russian will be added by the end of next month.

After hearing this it seems that the month of March is going to be a huge month for Apple in 2012 as it might be hosting the release of iOS 5.1 and the iPad 3.
Are you eagerly waiting for Siri to speak your own native language?

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