TweetLine Is Now Live In Cydia (Video)

In one of our previous posts we told you about TweetLine by @rud0lf77, a Cydia tweak which allows you to load your Twitter timeline by simply asking Siri to do it. The tweak is now live and you can download it for free under the ModMyi Cydia repo.
You should also know that Tweetline is a plugin to AssistantExtensions.

As of now you can only load the top 5 tweets of your timeline. But the developer already confirmed that the next version of his tweak has already been sent to ModMyi for approval. The next version will add support for mentions. He also plans to add more features in future updates.You can see how to use it below:

Let me know what you guys think about Tweetline in the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “TweetLine Is Now Live In Cydia (Video)

  1. I am really disappointed by all the people in our community!
    People are never happy enough with what they get, everywhere just criticism like “until something better shows up”, and thats not only for tweaks and Apps, also for Jailbreaks, like pod2g was insulted by some users, because they expected the Jb earlier, thats all very sad!

    Greetings @rud0lf77

    • hm… I thoroughly disagree with you, tweet line only loads the last 5 tweets which is very less because every time I refresh my twitter there are a minimum of 20 new tweets which is why seeing only 5 is quite less…
      And as far as the jb goes the people were a bit too excited and impatient to get it which is why they had over a million downloads of Absinthe, the people wanted to jailbreak their phones ASAP, if someone insulted pod2g it is utterly wrong as pod2g was doing all he could to release the jb as fast as he could which was shown in his blogposts. Also whenever I did a post on the sat us of the jb I had two constant words in all the posts which were “Be patient”.

      • “Be patient”; that’s something everyone should be. And what I was criticize you talk about tweaks and other things (like Ac1dSn0w) as it was absolute crap, all blogs do so :/
        Also if blogs would get their information from a primary source (the developer..) and not just directly copying other blogs articles, you would know that updates are not only planned, but a preview update is already sent to some people (l3gitjailbr3aks already reviewed the preview of the next version). Which include mentions atm, and more commands, getting more than 5 tweets will be possible soon..

        Greetings @rud0lf77

        • Well if you see the above video and content… I don’t think it is “copied”… as and when a tweak is released I will post about it, as of now the feature of the tweak is providing only 5 tweets from the timeline so you it is still in the category of “something better can come”, when the developer realizes his update and if it exceeds the 5 limit I will, in the post about it’s update, say that the tweak is now complete and nothing more can be added to it (except the next thing if the developer could make Siri also load Twitter’s background). When someone reviews something like a critic and also suggests something that could bring out more from the developer, I would/t call it pure criticism… :/

          • I dislike it, when people talk of me in 3rd Person, seems like you dont know the dev’s name, if you don’t even know the name of the developer, I doubt it again that you completely written it yourself, also I said I completed most of the Update already, and you don’t suggest, but just make everything look worse than it is, and about the “better shows up”, what about saying, “until the developer updates” ? Good idea, huh?

            Greeting @rud0lf77

  2. @rud0lf77 Okay it did slip out of my mind that you were the developer of tweetline anyways if I offended you in anyway I apologize… there you go i have updated the blogpost…

    • Thank you, and for information: Already added are Mentions and multiple Commands for Timeline and Mentions, I will add opening Links till the next release, and sometimes in near future, I will add the possibility to set how many tweets should be shown (Probably by a voice command like: “Set TweetLine [Tweet] Count to XX”).

      Greetings @rud0lf77

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