MySiri Is Now MyAssistant, Available In Cydia


We recently wrote about a Siri tweak called MySiri. The tweak is now available, but the developers decided to change its name to MyAssistant. MyAssistant is available in Cydia for 0.99$.

MyAssistant adds a lot of cool featues to Siri. Check out the video to see some of them.

Kexik, the developer of AssistantExtensions, another Siri tweak, announced that the features of MyAssistant will soon also be available in AssistantExtensions. So if you don’t want to pay 0.99$, you can wait until AssistantExtensions offers the same functionality.

via iJailbreakHacks

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7 thoughts on “MySiri Is Now MyAssistant, Available In Cydia

  1. When I install this tweak it works fine, but whenever I use Siri it doesn’t show the text which I am saying… It only shows what siri i saying… Pretty annoying I now I can’t adjust so Siri understands me better…
    Any ideas ?

  2. I’m with you on this one people…NOT WORKING!!! Almost EVERY command, I get from Siri, “Robert, I don’t understand that command”, or even trying to open a app…I can’t do that for you, Robert…How about get me a Refund SIRI????

  3. Very nice hack. However, I’m wondering if there’s any way to make Siri respond more like she would for a built-in command. “OK. Turning on Wi-Fi…” rather than “Alright turned Wi-Fi on.”

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