How To Make Custom Audio Responses (Video)


After the release of the A5 jailbreak there have been many Siri tweaks that enhance her in some ways but AssistantExtensions turned out to be by far the most impressive Siri tweak yet. AssistantExtensions also brought us an add-on called Lingual which allows you to translate with Siri. With the help of AssistantExtensions you can also customize Siri to say what we want and when we want. Now once again with the help of AssistantExtensions I’am going to tell you how to make Siri give you custom audio responses when you activate her.


  • iPhone 4S (or an older iDevice with Spire)
  • AssistantExtensions
  • iFile and Dropbox or OpenSSH and a FTP client
  • A computer
  • 10 minutes of your time

It’s pretty simple once you understand the process:

I’am telling you how to do it with iFile, to do it with OpenSSH do the same thing without using Dropbox.

  • Make an audio recording of you saying something like “Whatsup iOS Jedi”
  • Edit the audio by trimming it to the precise points
  • Export the audio to your desktop in “audio only format” and name it
  • Quit the audio recorder, Open iTunes > Preferences > Import ../../../../2012/02/06/now-you-can-make-custom-audio-responses/Settings__gt.css; Import Using AIFF Encoder
  • Drag your audio from your desktop into iTunes, search for it in iTunes
  • Right click on it and select “Create AIFF version”
  • Drag the AIFF version to your desktop and rename it to ‘jbl_begin.caf’
  • In iFile/FTP client go to System > Library > Audio > UISounds and rename the original ‘jbl_begin.caf’ to ‘jbl_begin_old.caf’ (DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE)
  • Open Dropbox and drag the audio on your desktop to Dropbox (For FTP client just drag it directly where the other jbl files are, activate Siri and you are done)
  • Open Dropbox and copy the file to iFile, open iFile, search for the file, copy it and navigate to UISounds and paste the file
  • Exit iFile and activate Siri

If you prefer videotutorials, check out the video below:

Now you are done, every time you activate Siri she will give you the custom audio you made instead of its mundane beep.
Let me know if you had any problems doing it.
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