SiriSn0w Beta Is A Custom Firmware Creator With Siri


SiriSn0w does the same thing as other custom firmware creators like Sn0wbreeze, but it installs Siri alongside Cydia. It also installs the new corona untether by pod2g. So you can turn on your device without a computer.

The following Firmwares are suppported:

-iPhone2,1 (iPhone 3GS) - iOS 5.0.1
-iPhone3,1 (iPhone 4 [GSM]) - iOS 5.0.1
-iPhone3,3 (iPhone 4 [CDMA]) - iOS 5.0.1
-iPod4,1 (iPod Touch 4) - iOS 5.0.1

The reason only these firmwares are supported is because the corona untether only supports iOS 5.0.1

You can download SiriSn0w at


0.0.1b2 ‘Restore Release’:
Note: This release mainly focuses on the restore side of creating the IPSW. Please build an IPSW a quick as possible, restore and give me the results.

  • Reduced time by 1 minute and 18 seconds (very specific :p)
  • No longer crashes when downloading Siri files
  • Fixed wget window showing
  • Fixed SHA1 hash check on the downloaded Siri files
  • Doesn’t accept files that aren’t IPSWs
  • Disabled Siri installation by default (If you really want, you can switch on again on Preferences)
  • Deletes files before installing Siri (on the RootFS)
  • Deletes original + decrypted kernel (forgot to do that last time :p)
  •   Removed unused code

Known Bugs:
When adding Cydia, hfsplus sometimes crashes (rare)

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4 thoughts on “SiriSn0w Beta Is A Custom Firmware Creator With Siri

  1. Hey,

    When I do this, every time HSFPlus.exe crashes??? How do I fix this? Have tried multiple times and on multiple windows machines running windows 7. Thx

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