SiriN1ght, Another Siri UI Installer for Cydia Released

@ReagentX and @ChristopoulosZ just released a new Cydia repo with a package called SiriN1ght that lets you install the Siri UI on your iDevice, just like sirisn0w. It does currently NOT connect to Apple’s servers due to the missing authentication files. The difference to sirisn0w is that SiriN1ght contains the actual files copied off an iPhone 4S, whereas sirisn0w used some fake frameworks in order to work.

As soon as the authentication files are available (jailbreak for the iPhone 4S required), this package will most likely get updated and will hopefully finally bring Siri to our older iDevices.

I personally would not recommend to install this package as you only get the User Interface and the chances of breaking your iDevice are pretty high. There were a lot of people complaining about respring loops when sirisn0w was released, this could happen with SiriN1ght as well.

If you still want to install SiriN1ght, just add in Cydia.

Warning: SiriN1ght is incompatible with Semi-Tether. So you should either not install SiriN1ght or first uninstall the Semi-Tether to avoid a respring loop. @ChristopoulosZ also tweeted that you cannot uninstall SiriN1ght, you have to restore your iPhone.

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22 thoughts on “SiriN1ght, Another Siri UI Installer for Cydia Released


    ^^ is a fucking awesome site

  2. No joy with SiriN1ght. After several attempts to install on my iPhone 4 it would never reboot, it hangs on the Pwnapple, then goes to the standard apple. Never gets to springboard…. Id wait until a fix, and server connectivity…

  3. finaly made it … u shold folow the sunra1n_ check his webpage and u will have an installed siri on iphone 4 just a a little few steps and it iwll connect to apple network too
    good job there

  4. thats a lie, no siri ui can yet connect to apple server, many of them doesn’t even show the dialog”what can i help you with?” just the little i bottom, and you can’t even upgrade to sirisn0w b3, if u did,ur in respiring loop, i just restored it 3 times because of this

    • U can fix respring loop, iv done it and siri asks me what can she help me with, and tell me she cannot connect to apple servers.

      • i know that you can fix respring loop thru ifunbox, but my siri ui doesnt do anything, it just be there, and you know how there is a bubble and it says “what can i help you with?” mine there is nothing in it

        • I can get it talking for 1-2 mins, after i installed the siri, the 300MB patch, reinstall/update sirisn0w, you will get and error after installing, but for 1-2 mins siri will make sounds, and tell you she cant connect, after that, just the simple GUI without anything.

  5. if you want to authentication …follow hacker_shishir on twitter.he can help you ..he has already released a video showing that the ipod is on siri connection. he is releasing the files free of cost.up come and grab!

  6. Installed it on my iPod touch 4g and when rebooted my device in tethered it put it in recovery mode try to restore get this restore is not eligible for the requested build iPod useless tried everything help please.

    • force restart ipod, and treat it like you just turned it on, leave finger on on button for a second without finger on home button then hold both till screen goes blank, then count to 2, then release on button

      should fix the issue

  7. give the guys a break, all you have to do to get out of the loop is use iexplorer and exit your springboard plist with


    if you have manually installed the files before you would understand you DONOT have to reinstall your idevice to recover from a bad spring board, just flag the assistant as false and it will was up fine.

    my 2 cents worth, been doing Hacks since 2005 for the Hackintosh scene.

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