Next Release of SiriN1ght Might Finally Connect To Apple’s Servers

@ReagentX recently announced that he and @ChristopoulosZ managed to get SiriN1ght to authenticate with Apple’s Servers.

Reagent X

“And we have a working Siri port y’all.” - ReagentX

One of the problems they are dealing with right now is that Siri sends your contact information to Apple (through @ChristopoulosZ’s server) the first time you connect. To make sure to protect the people’s privacy, they won’t release their port until this issue has been resolved.

Kay so I know you don’t want me to have your contacts list, but they way apple does Siri is the first time you connect it sends your contacts list to Apple so it can recognize them (example “Call Zach”) in dictation. I’m trying to find a way around this, because I value your privacy, but I don’t have a method at this time. We will not release until this conflict is resolved.

We currently don’t know how exactly how their port works. Your requests will be sent to their server and the authentication keys from an iPhone 4S will be added. It then gets processed by Apple’s servers and gets sent back to your device through their servers. The same method was also used by H1Siri.

@ReagentX and @ChristopoulosZ said that they want to protect your privacy if you use SiriN1ght, but you never know what they will do with your data. Many people, including famous iOS hacker @chpwn, strongly advise against using any Siri Port that requires you to connect to another server.

SiriN1ght beta 4 has been announced over two weeks ago and was supposed to fix the bugs people experienced with SiriN1ght beta 3. With the recent developement, SiriN1ght beta 4 (or even the final version, SiriN1ght 1.0) might contain the fixes and the server connectivity.

If you want to have Siri on your iPhone 4 but don’t want to rely on any third party servers you can also use this tutorial and copy keys from an iPhone 4S directly to your iPhone 4.

via @ReagentX

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7 thoughts on “Next Release of SiriN1ght Might Finally Connect To Apple’s Servers

  1. You didn’t mention If it fixes the keyboard issue other than English
    Please respond because Arabic was not contained in SiriN1ght beta 3

    • look a original iphone 4s. i have one and there no dictation on croatian language (croatian keyboard).. same thing for other languages other then english, france, or german.. sorry about my english..

  2. guys,
    It crashed my camera and it could not contact apple server. after that i have removed then it did not reboot.
    i lost all my data and i had to restore from the stock. it caused pain in my ***

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