H1Siri: First Full Siri Port Released, Could Compromise Your Data

The Chinese hacker group, CD Dev Team, recently released a Siri Port called “H1Siri”. It was the first fully working Siri port that has been released to the public.

CD-Dev’s servers are down at the moment because the server got overloaded. There are also rumors that the iPhone 4S Keys they used to authenticate the Siri requests got banned by Apple.

How does H1Siri work?

The method used by H1Siri is basically the same as SiriProxy uses. H1Siri sends all your requests to a Proxy Server, adds the authentication data from an iPhone 4S and sends it to Apple’s Siri server. To Apple it looks like the request was sent by an iPhone 4S. It then sends the transcribed text back to CD-Dev’s servers which will send it back to your iPhone.

But beware: This method could be dangerous because the app could send private data from your iPhone to CD-Dev’s servers.

“Please note: if you use a proxy to access Siri, you may be sending your Email, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Location, etc though that server.”  - @chpwn

We do not recommend using H1Siri because the risk of breaking your iPhone during installation or losing your personal data is too high.

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