How To Get Siri On Your iPhone 4 With SiriProxy [iPhone 4S Keys Required]

The german blog Ketchup-Mayo-Senf released a tutorial that explains how you can copy your iPhone 4S Keys into SiriProxy. You can then use the SiriProxy with your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch and use Siri! The only problem is that the validationdata expires after 24 hours, so you have copy it off the iPhone 4S every day. Continue reading

How To Install SiriProxy (Video)

The developer of SiriProxy, @plamoni, made a video on how to install SiriProxy on Ubuntu 11.10. If you don’t have Ubuntu, you can easily create a virtual machine on your PC or Mac with VirtualBox.

Set up Ubuntu on a Mac
Set up Ubuntu on Windows

If you successfully set up Ubuntu, you can start installing SiriProxy: Continue reading

How To Get The Auth Token (Identifier) From An iPhone 4S Using Your Own DNS Server

This tutorial is based on a german article from the site Ketchup Mayo Senf. We take no credit for this tutorial. If you speak german, check out the original article as it is a little more detailed.

What you need

  • Linux or Mac (this tutorial is written for OpenSuse 11.3)
  • openssl
  • zlib
  • ruby
  • rubygems
  • DNS Server
  • SiriServer by Applidium