Siri ported to the iPhone 4, now able to connect to Apple’s servers! *Update*

@Jackoplane claims to have successfully ported Siri to the iPhone 4. The big difference to the releases we have seen before is that he was able to get Siri to connect to Apple’s servers. There is no proof of his port yet, but he promised to upload a video very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Jackoplane - Siri on iPhone 4


Heres a quick FAQ
1) “Will you release” . Yes.
2) “When will i be able to use it?” - Not sure.
3) “Do you need testers?” - No.
4) “Good work” - Thank you, The hardest part is still ahead.
5) “What devices will you support?” - Anything that runs iOS 5 hopefully.
6) “Do you have video proof?” - No, is a video worth while? If you really need one I guess I could film one.
7) “Have you got it to connect to apple’s server?” - Yes.
- Jackoplane


It looks like the port is fully done, but they still have to deal with legal issues. @Jackoplane still didn’t release his video, but he is now working with @joshmtucker from ModMyi who confirmed that the port is real.

We have to deal with legal issue, it's 100% done.


“@st1llers We have to deal with legal issue, it’s 100% done.” - Jackoplane

Will I have to be jailbroken


“@Jackoplane will i have to be jailbroken to use siri” - Ward24

“@Ward24 Yes.” - Jackoplane


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