AssistantExtensions: Use Siri To Tweet And Search For Videos On Youtube (Video) [Cydia Tweak]


AssistantExtension by K3A is a new Cydia Tweak that extends Siri’s functionality. It currently allows you to open Apps, send tweets, turn on/off SBSettings toggles, talk with the integrated chatbot and even use Siri to search for videos on YouTube.

AssistantExtensions is already a great tweak and offers most things other tweaks like OpenSiri, VoiceUtils or SiriToggles do. But AssistantExtensions doesn’t stop there. With AssistantExtensions it’s easy for developers to write new Plug-Ins for Siri. There are some examples on K3A’s website (link down below).

The following commands are currently supported:

  • System commands: “tweet <text_of_the_tweet”, “open <application_name>” or “launch <app_name>”,
    “brightness to XX %”, “restart springboard”, “generate a random number”, “say <what_to_say>”, “should I <do something>?”.
    More commands soon.
  • Toggles: “turn on <toggle_name>”, “list toggles” or “list switches” to get a list of toggles and their states.
  • Chat Bot: You can chat with Siri. To start, just say “Let’s chat” and wait a moment. Loading times will be improved a lot in future releases.

The only extension available right now is YouTube. (This extension is already integrated in Assistant Extensions and allows you to search for YouTube Videos by saying “Search Siri Hacks on YouTube”)

This is a list of some ideas for new extensions:

  • Complete social network integration (what’s new on facebook, post on facebook, …)
  • Chatbots
  • Search for known sites like IMDB, eBay, …
  • Remote controllers - control your Mac/AppleTV with Siri
  • Translators

We’re really excited about this tweak because it offers by far the most amazing features yet.

Website: AssistantExtensions K3A

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