Another Free SiriProxy Server For A Limited Time

@HisyamNasir set up another SiriProxy Server. He decided to release it to the public for a limited time. We tested the new server and it works!


He also installed some SiriProxy Plugins:

  • Test Siri Proxy
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Horoscope
  • IMDB
  • Meaning of Life

For more information on how to use these plugins, click here.

For more information about the server, visit

Update: You can check out the server status here. There is a limit of requests for every key. If the limit is reached, the key will be deactivated. After one interval (15 minutes), the key will be activated again.

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25 thoughts on “Another Free SiriProxy Server For A Limited Time

  1. can anyone tell me, if I have to set the language of my iPod to english? ’cause I’m from germany and I wonder if my languagesettings are my problem. Siri keeps telling me, that it can’t answer my questions right now ._.

    • When we have to download something it only mean one thing : SCAM !

      common we do not need to download anything to make it work.

      And how people can use this stupid survey that will charge you up to 40$ per month common with that money i will sign for another contract and have a iphone 4s ….

      You want to share something share the url for proxy and certificate else just do not comment and try to scam people.

      • There is no scam, it’s completely legit. Check out the video on the page? I need money to fund the servers, u want to pay $10-20 monthly or for free by just doing a quick survey?

        • Server cost nothing ! but yes i do prefer a paid service . Survey are just total scam you have other option if you whant to make money and donation is one of the best.

          • So an Intel i5 Processor with a Corsair Force GT Solid State Drive server is completely free? No. And I don’t take donations since people some people can’t pay so I put a survey there.

  2. I’ve got a problem. My Spire doesn’t work. It doesn’t make the usual “beep”,there isn’t the purple light behind the Siri picture and it doesn’t work anyway. What should I do?

  3. Doesnt work for me. Connection error. “Sorry I’m not able to help you right now. Please try me again in a little while” bla bla :(

    • Hi pal!! I wont mind paying for the service if i get assured that the thing would work. I dont want to pay 10$ only to see the next day the server is offline.

      • i’m using wewantsiri from 2 days… its working.. !!

        if it won’t work.. we all will charge back.. don’t worry :

  4. I wont mind paying for the service if i get assured that the thing would work. I dont want to pay 10$ only to see the next day the server is offline.

  5. I tried all the servers posted by sirihacks, none of them worked. Guess you have to try it within 5 minutes after posting. Id be glad if i could get a paid slot, but the email adress doesnt even work (daemon failure).

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