SiriN1ght Beta 3 Released, Fixes Camera, iMessage And Other Issues

SiriN1ght, the famous Siri UI Port, just got updated to Beta 3. This release should fix various issues people had after installing SiriN1ght.

To download SiriN1ght beta 3, just add to your Cydia sources.

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Interview With @ReagentX, Developer of SiriN1ght (SiriKn1ght)

@ReagentX and @ChristopoulosZ, developers of SiriN1ght, one of the most solid Siri UI Ports, were interviewed by iModZone. Read the full interview by Kreason Aaron here:

Tonight i was lucky enough to get an interview with @ReagentX, a developer working on the Siri port to older iOS devices. He spoke on behalf of himself and @ChristopoulosZ and clarified a few of the looming questions about the sir port saga.

The most notable part of the iMessage conversation was him confirming a usable method of authentication that he plans to release to the public once it is ready

I’ve been asked to stress that this port is a colaberation. ReagentX and ChristopoulosZ have both put in long hours to make this possible.

See the full interview below. iMessage screenshots to follow soon.

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SiriN1ght Gets Updated, Siri UI Should Now Work on All iOS 5 Devices *Update*

There were some issues with the first release of SiriN1ght, which should now be resolved. To install SiriN1ght, all you need to do is add the repo to Cydia.

Again, this does install ONLY the User Interface of Siri, you won’t be able to talk to Siri or connect to Apple’s servers, because you need authentication files from a jailbroken iPhone 4S. Once a jailbreak is available, SiriN1ght might get updated to a fully functional Siri Port.

We would currently not recommend installing SiriN1ght because it might break something and you have to restore (and as you may know, iOS 5.0.1 just got released and therefore you will have to restore to 5.0.1 and might lose the chance of an untethered jailbreak).


Some Users have reported that after installing SiriN1ght, they had several problems with iMessage, Spotlight search and video recording. Let us know in the comments if you have had similar problems.


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SiriN1ght, Another Siri UI Installer for Cydia Released

@ReagentX and @ChristopoulosZ just released a new Cydia repo with a package called SiriN1ght that lets you install the Siri UI on your iDevice, just like sirisn0w. It does currently NOT connect to Apple’s servers due to the missing authentication files. The difference to sirisn0w is that SiriN1ght contains the actual files copied off an iPhone 4S, whereas sirisn0w used some fake frameworks in order to work.

As soon as the authentication files are available (jailbreak for the iPhone 4S required), this package will most likely get updated and will hopefully finally bring Siri to our older iDevices.

I personally would not recommend to install this package as you only get the User Interface and the chances of breaking your iDevice are pretty high. There were a lot of people complaining about respring loops when sirisn0w was released, this could happen with SiriN1ght as well.

If you still want to install SiriN1ght, just add in Cydia.

Warning: SiriN1ght is incompatible with Semi-Tether. So you should either not install SiriN1ght or first uninstall the Semi-Tether to avoid a respring loop. @ChristopoulosZ also tweeted that you cannot uninstall SiriN1ght, you have to restore your iPhone.

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