How To Install Spire On Your iPad (Video)

For some reason, you can’t install Spire on your iPad. But there is a simple hack that gets around this limitation so you can install it on your jailbroken iPad. @DCherkowsky made a video showing how to do it:

  1. Open iFile
  2. Go to Disk/System/Library/CoreServices/
  3. Open K48AP.plist with the TextViewer and tap “Edit”
  4. Search for <Key>iPad</Key> and change “True” to “False”
  5. Then reboot your iPad and install Spire through Cydia

Here’s a video showing an iPad with a working SiriProxy:

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5 thoughts on “How To Install Spire On Your iPad (Video)

  1. I installed spire uni this way, but now that i finished installing siri, i cannot view videos in YouTube or safari although I tried using user agent faker can I put my original k48ap file back or is there solution to this problem?

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