Have Siri Show You Memes With SiriMemes

A new tweak called SiriMemes 0.0.1 just came out. All this tweak does is show you a meme if you ask for it. For example: If you say “trollface” or “fuck yeah”, Siri will show you the according meme.
This is all the tweak does, but it might be a funny tweak if you are out with friends and just trolled them, you can just say “problem?” to your phone and show them the trollface.

It currently only supports 7 memes, but the developer, xxtesaxx, will add more memes in future updates. The following commands/memes are supported (english / german):
  • problem / troll / trollface / troll face – Trollface
  • pass auf / watch out – Watch out
  • fuck / ficken / scheisse – FFFUUUUUUU
  • why / why you (no|know|now) / warum / wieso –y u no?
  • fuck (yeah|yes|yeehaw) / (ficken|fick) (ja|year) – Fuck Yeah
  • yeah / yeehaw / oh ja – AWWWWW YEEAAAAHH
  • me gusta / i like / gefallt mir / mag ich – Me Gusta
You can download SiriMemes 0.0.1 from the ModMyi Cydia repo.

via iJailbreakHacks

One thought on “Have Siri Show You Memes With SiriMemes

  1. hey there, i am the developer of SiriMemes. Thank you for mention SiriMemes on your Page. Feel free to mail me @ [email protected] if you want new memes or commands.
    By the way: i just submitted the first update for more memes to cydia which should be available soon.

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