Is Apple Actively Fighting Against Spire And SiriProxies?

A lot of people reported that they recently had problems connecting to Siri through their SiriProxy.

Until now, you only needed a jailbroken iOS device, Spire and a working SiriProxy. It now looks like Apple has changed something on the server and has added a “SetActivationToken”, which disabled Siri for almost everyone who was using Spire.

You can temporarily fix this by deleting the “/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/” file on your device. (make sure you respring after you deleted the file).

We currently don’t know if this really is an attempt to stop people from using Spire, or if it is just a coincidence. (You have to remember, Siri is still in its beta stage and it is normal that changes are being made). We will hopefully find out shortly.

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4 thoughts on “Is Apple Actively Fighting Against Spire And SiriProxies?

  1. I found a workaround, you delete the then respring. Then go to a folder on springboard and activate siri, it works.

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