TweetLine Updated To Version 1.0-beta1


Heads Up: Tweetline has now been released in Cydia and is ready for installation. If you are having crash issues while asking Siri for your Twitter mentions then do a reboot and it should work temporarily. The dev (@rud0lf77) has also tipped us that he has found the problem that causes the crash and he will be fixing it shortly!

The latest Siri tweak known as TweetLine was slowly becoming more and more popular and users everywhere wanted to see more functionality in it, so the developer @rud0lf77 went ahead and made a major upgrade to the tweak. He still names it as beta because more functions will be added sooner or later.

In the original version of the tweak we could only ask Siri to load tweets, which she did, but only 5 tweets at a time. Now, in this update we can actually set the tweet count to whatever number we feel like. By just saying “Set tweets to [number]“.

Another feature added to TweetLine is that you can now also see your twitter mentions by simply asking Siri for them. This can be asked in a very natural way. The only thing you have to take care of is that the last two words should be last/latest mentions (also applies to tweets).

Although this is a major update, @rud0lf77 still names it as beta because he will be adding new functions to the tweak, namely asking Siri for follower count and later making Twitter fully integrated with Siri.

Version 1.0 beta1 has been submitted to the ModMyi repo and will be available as soon as they approve it.

Let me know what you guys think about TweetLine in the comments section below.

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