Hands-Free Control Starts Siri With Your Voice (Video) [Cydia Tweak]

Hands-Free Control has been around for a while now, but with the recent jailbreak of the iPhone 4S, it just got a lot more interesting. Hands-Free Control only does one thing: It continuously listens until it hears the keyword (standard is “Siri”, but you can change it to another word). Once it recognizes the keyword, Siri will show up and you can use it as usual. This tweak is really great if you want to use Siri in your car and don’t want to hold down the home button for 2 seconds.

A lot of people are concerned about battery life because continuous listening obviously uses CPU power. The developers of Hands-Free Control did some testing, and these are the results:

We have performed numerous tests to make Hands-Free Control™ as lightweight as possible. Continually listening as a background service it consumes less than 1% processor use.  Upon keyword recognition it jumps up to 15-25% for about a second.  Compare this to turning on and unlocking your iPhone, which consumes about 25-35% processor use for about two seconds and it is actually more battery efficient to use Hands-Free Control™ to make a phone call than trying to do it manually.

Projected battery life times have been anywhere from 10-20 hours on an iPhone 4 running Hands-Free Control™ non-stop.  This should allow for a full day’s use out of your phone without running out of battery.  We are still working to make Hands-Free Control™ as efficient as possible and look for even better battery performance in the future.

Hands-Free Control works on the iPhone 4S or any other iDevice with Spire installed. If you don’t have Siri you can also use it to start Voice Commands.

Hands-Free Control is available in Cydia for 2.99$.

Website: Hands-Free Control

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10 thoughts on “Hands-Free Control Starts Siri With Your Voice (Video) [Cydia Tweak]

  1. I love this tweak, however I have had significant issues getting it to work when I want to work and not work when I don’t want to work. I have e-mailed the developer a few times — still waiting for response.

  2. This is an awesome tweak. Very useful but it does seem to drain the battery a bit faster. Its good if you work at a desk at keep it charging. I do, and I read & send text messages, check for e-mails, set reminders and make calls all while the phone is laying there and me not missing a beat of work.

  3. it drains the battery 6 times faster! my iphone4s usually consumes 2% an hour (during sleep-time) but with this it sucks up 6%! and guess what! the toggle to disable the listening in SBSetting didn’t stop this battery drain behavior which i believe it’s a bug that needs a fix! i thought i would just turn it on while driving but obviously it does not make any difference whether it is on or off!

  4. It seems that it stops working after a respring. After a respring, once I go back into Settings and disable and enable again, it comes back to life. I’m still getting used to the sensitivity settings. For me, having the sensitivity set to normal, causes Siri to come on several times just during a normal conversation with someone. On a couple of occasions, it actually thought I asked to call someone and my 4S started dialing while it was in my pocket. I noticed this quickly and cancelled out before the call went through. When I increased the sensitivity to “very strict,” it seemed better in terms of not responding to a random conversation, but when I really wanted it to come on, it took a couple of tries. I haven’t given up on it. Still working with it.

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  6. I’ve been working with this for awhile. It seems a little more stable now. I’ve changed the name from Siri to something less common to avoid the random hands-free Siri wakeup during normal conversation. You have to learn the sequence and syntax of the spoken commands to get the best results. For example “Set backlight level to 50%” works and “Increase brightness to 50%” does not. Overall, this is a pretty good tweak that I know will get better. The battery drain is a significant factor. Either use with an iPhone case with a built-in external battery (ie. Mophie), or use only when connected to a power source on your desk or in the car. Otherwise, you may not make it through the day on one charge.

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