Semi-Tethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 is available now

BigBoss LogoGood news for everybody running a jailbroken version of iOS 5 on their device. BigBoss just released a Semi-Tethered Jailbreak. Of course, we still have to wait for a real untethered jailbreak, but for all of you who want to enjoy iOS 5 on your jailbroken iPhone right now, this could be useful to you.

For those of you who don’t know what a tethered or untethered jailbreak is, here’s a short explanation: If you have an untethered jailbreak, you are able to boot your iPhone or iPad without connecting it to your computer everytime you restart it. The problem is that untethered exploits are much harder to find that tethered. Thanks to GeoHot’s Limera1n exploit, we are able to apply a tethered jailbreak to our iPhone 4 devices running iOS 5. A tethered jailbreak means you have to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC every time you need to restart your device or else it won’t boot at all. This is particularly annoying if you are on the road and you would like to turn your phone off to save some battery power. Continue reading

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