SiriProxy Plugins Can Now Use Your Location

@simonmaddox updated SiriProxy to support locations. This could be especially useful for people outside the US as there is currently no support for location services for countries other than the US. With the updated version of SiriProxy, someone could write a SiriProxy Plugin that allows commands like “Find restaurants near me” in other countries as well.

Download SiriProxy with location support here.

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Siri Sends Your GPS Location to Apple Every Time You Say Something

@stroughtonsmith mentioned in a recent tweet that Siri is sending your GPS location to Apple every time you use it, even if it’s a non-mapping request.

Siri GPS

Interesting tidbit: every time you make a Siri request to Apple it sends your GPS location with it (even non-mapping requests)

This may sound concerning at first, but there is a simple, logical reason behind it. Apple and Siri don’t know if you are going to set a timer or if you are requesting something location based. Your voice is streamed to Apple’s servers and immediately processed. If Apple didn’t have your location, it couldn’t immediately generate location based results. It would first have to request to location from the iPhone and and then generate the answer. This would make the whole process a lot slower.

But even if this makes perfect sense, it’s still good to know that Apple knows where you are every time you use Siri.

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