ValidationData Released As New Years Present!

The blog just released one validationdata key from an iPhone 4S. The key will only be valid for 24 hours. If you have your own SiriProxy Server already set up, you can just copy the key to your server (you have to solve a tiny puzzle first to get the full key). If you don’t have your own SiriProxy Server, you might want to copy the keys directly onto your iDevice with Sirious.

Thanks @kmsbueromoebel for the key!

How To Get Siri On Your iPhone 4 With SiriProxy [iPhone 4S Keys Required]

The german blog Ketchup-Mayo-Senf released a tutorial that explains how you can copy your iPhone 4S Keys into SiriProxy. You can then use the SiriProxy with your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch and use Siri! The only problem is that the validationdata expires after 24 hours, so you have copy it off the iPhone 4S every day. Continue reading