Jackoplane’s Siri port to iPhone 4 makes further progress, release imminent?


It has been a while since we last heard news about Jackoplane’s Siri port. But it looks like he is still making progress. He recently tweeted that his port now works on the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 as well.

GH0STi: @Jackoplane so wait the CDMA iPhone 4 can’t use Siri ???
Jackoplane: @GH0STi It works now, before it didn’t.

Jackoplane also clarifies that currently only the iPhone 4 is able to connect to Apple’s servers, but he is working on the other devices tomorrow.

@N1ch0lash747 It’s connecting on only on the iPhone 4 at this stage. Working on the other tomorrow. - Jackoplane

Jackoplane also tweeted that we “will be able to use it shortly”, which means a release could be imminent.

@GH0STi You’ll be able to use it shortly. End of discussion.

Let’s hope that we will get our hands on his port soon, or at least a video that shows Siri connecting to Apple’s servers.


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