Jackoplane just registered a new domain jckpry.me. May it be Siri related?


Just two hours ago, Jackoplane asked the people on twitter if anybody knew a good domain register. Someone replied with “hover.com”. Soon after that, Jack tweeted:

Test, Test - http://jckpry.me/ 093b3j1i141u021d0Q2W

The domain “jckpry.me” was created on the 31st of October 2011 at 01:00:33 UTC. The DNS Servers of jckpry.me are ns1.hover.com [] and ns2.hover.com [] which indicates that the domain was created by Jackoplane.

If you visit his link, all you see is an image of an iPhone while recovering (image above). If you try to visit “jckpry.me” you get redirected to “hello.jckpry.me”, but there is nothing on that site.

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