Air Dictate: Use Siri To Write Text On Your Mac (Video)


AirDictateAir Dictate is a simple App that allows you to write text on your Mac with Siri. Just download the App on your iPhone 4S (iPhone 4S only) and the Air Dictate Helper on your Mac. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and your ready to go. Just say something and Air Dictate will write it on your Mac.

Air Dictate (0.99$) is available in the App Store.

via engadget

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One thought on “Air Dictate: Use Siri To Write Text On Your Mac (Video)

  1. Hello,

    I’ve tried it on my jailbroken iPhone 4, which has a connection trough Spire, but it doesn’t work on it because the app detects it’s an iPhone 4 and it says it doesn’t have Siri.

    Edit: Apparently you can’t download it anymore for iPhone 4 now. Anyway I used it a while ago and it didn’t work.

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