Hacker Creates a Proxy Server For Siri, Allows You to Add New Commands to Siri


Applidium recently cracked Siri’s security protocol and found out how Siri communicates with Apple’s servers. That knowledge was used by @plamoni to develop a proxy server to add new functionality to Siri. The source code of his proxy server is available at GitHub.

We have already seen a similar project called HubotSiri, although its source code never got released.

@plamoni released an impressing video demonstrating how his tweak can be used to control a Wi-Fi Thermostat.

Currently, setting up the server requires solid knowledge of certificates and openssl. As soon as a public jailbreak for the iPhone 4S is released, we will most likely see this hack as a tweak in Cydia.

What new commands would you like to see in Siri? Let us know in the comments below.

You can download the source code here:

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3 thoughts on “Hacker Creates a Proxy Server For Siri, Allows You to Add New Commands to Siri

  1. i don´t understand very well what that it means…
    So if i download this file and do a couple of things more can i connect to the apple servers with siri on my iPod 4g?

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