How To Temporarily Fix The Keyboard Bug After Installing SiriN1ght beta 3

Sirin1ght keyboard issueTwo days ago, SiriN1ght b3 was released to fix various issues with iMessage and video recording.

Some people now noticed a new bug: The keyboard doesn’t work anymore. The reason being is that because the Siri files are so big, some keyboards are removed upon installation.

To temporarily fix the keyboard, you have to change the keyboard to english. The keyboard will then work again in most Applications. If you still have issues in some Applications (ex. Cydia), you have to set your system language to english as well.

This issue should be fixed in SiriN1ght beta 4 or in the final release of SiriN1ght.

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5 thoughts on “How To Temporarily Fix The Keyboard Bug After Installing SiriN1ght beta 3

  1. I find this bug, other things is actually OK. just connect to the servers and that’s it.

    Thanks for this great site, is very helpful. :)

  2. I have a problem with other international language keyboards , just the English layout keyboard works fine , any help or .plist files where to put render something ?

  3. Siri is not connecting to the server, and every time it displays error like having trouble connecting to the network or not able to connect right now.??

    Can any buddy help me ??

    • Currently there is no 100% working, authenticating/connection, publicly released port of Siri so you’re not alone with this however, they’re very close as far as I’ve read. Just keep holding out.

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