Mitini Is A Siri-inspired Application For Windows


Mitini LondonMitini is a Siri-inspired app for windows developed by @kailashs as a “just-for-fun” project to see if he could build his own version of Siri.

I created QuikMath last year. It was a tiny application that used a bunch of web services’ APIs find data like weather, stats and do calculations. It was pretty much Siri without the scheduling task, voice control and witty comebacks. It was the perfect base!

He took the core of his old Application QuikMath and added more features to make it more like Siri. After adding a voice, including QuikPlay, and giving it a nice looking UI, Mitini was born. Just like Siri, Mitini can play songs, open Websites and even find items on auction sites. Mitrini uses Microsoft’s built in speech engine. Watch the video after the break.

Although it is a “just for fun” project, we might see some more features and improvements in the future:

Thanks guys! And i just want to emphasize that this is a “just-for-fun” project for myself to see if i could somewhat do what apple did. It is not at-ll supposed to be a daily-use application so there are lotta bugs and problems with it. After i finish my midterms i’ll update it with few more features and improvements.

Visiti iSubedi
Download Mitini here

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