Siro Changes Voice Control To A Siri-like App With Some Nice Features

Siro, developed by Indian hacker @Deepzinzu, will bring Siri-like functionality to your iPhone 4. His tweak modifies Voice Control to act like Siri.

Unlike Siri, Siro can’t create reminders or alarms just by using your voice. But it will ask if you want to open the app where you can add them manually. You can also use Siro to get information about certain keywords (“information about liverpool”), search google or translate a sentence for you. Check out the Video after the break to see Siro in action.

It looks like you can talk to Siro in a very natural way, just as you can to Siri. We currently do not know if the answers given in the video are predefined answers or if they are generated automatically using google or wolfram alpha. If they are not predefined, this tweak looks very promising.

Siro is currently still in development and will soon be available in the Cydia Store.

Also check out VoiceActivator by chpwn, it’s another tweak that allows you to modify Voice Control.

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